Evolve your competitive advantage with a Peers, Innovators and Competitors review.

A distinctive approach to competitor research, the Peers, Innovators, Competitors (PIC) review is a comprehensive yet concise way of understanding and improving your standing in the marketplace.

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Reviewing the activity of your competitors alongside notable User Experience (UX) leaders and digital innovators, the PIC review provides a clear understanding of your relative digital maturity, referencing examples of successful UX approaches across industries to outline areas of existing and potential competitive advantage.

Full of value-add insight and expertise, the resulting report details the gaps between your organisation and its competitors/peers (both positive and negative), summarises learnings from those already innovating in and around your area, and sets out how you might evolve your own offer for increased success.

Why a PIC review?

A wide-ranging assessment

While competitor reviews are nothing new, the PIC review is different. This is an alternative piece of market intelligence that, due to its focus outside of just the near competition, delivers learning you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

For example, while traditional research might only investigate the activity of your nearest competitors, PIC research does this and more – looking also at comparable organisations in different geographical markets, similar but different product ranges (e.g. cars to boats) and standout innovators delivering great experiences in completely different markets (e.g. those innovating in gamification, checkout experiences, booking facilitation etc.).

More than just a benchmark

By design, Box UK’s PIC review goes above and beyond simple benchmarking. This deep dive peer, innovator and competitor research is undertaken by one of our highly-skilled and vastly-experienced consultancy team, who leverage their many years of insight and expertise to your advantage.

UX consultant working on user interface wireframe design

With far-reaching experience across client and agency environments, they’re able to deliver an in-depth assessment of your digital footprint relative to that of others inside and outside of your industry and, crucially, to identify within all of this priority areas for action that will further your digital success.

Visual, informative and customised for you

Your PIC report is delivered in PDF form and, for optimum usability, is designed to be highly visual and easily understood. Expect to see:

  • Screenshots, call-outs and commentary that highlight key points of learning
  • Infographics that help visualise findings
  • Positioning matrices that plot the experiences reviewed on custom rating scales, unique to you
  • Tabular presentation of cross-organisation comparisons
  • Lists of ‘ones to watch’
  • Prioritised opportunities for improvement
PIC Reviews in action


Rentalcars were able to effectively benchmark their customer loyalty proposition, and identify opportunities for improvement, with the help of a PIC review from Box UK.

Delivering insight into how their offering performed against others in the sector, alongside best-of-breed examples from a wide range of industries, the organisation now has a solid plan for the future, which will help them maintain valuable competitive advantage in the face of growing customer expectation.

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