Shape a robust and effective technology strategy with our flexible CTO as a Service offering.

Having a holistic view of your IT ecosystem is fundamental to the creation of a successful technology strategy – one that supports the realisation of core business goals and objectives, as well as the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

It can be difficult to achieve this view when you’re extremely close to the daily operations of an organisation however, and embedded processes, legacy systems and internal dependencies can additionally hamper efforts to innovate and improve.

It’s here that our CTO as a Service offering can deliver real value – providing you with flexible and cost-effective access to expert strategic advice on all aspects of your technology strategy, from supplier assessment and procurement to oversight of project delivery.

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Understanding the ‘as-is’ of your technology strategy

In order to drive the future direction of your technology strategy, we first need to understand the status quo and, to achieve this, we’ll review and document the various platforms, tools and integrations that make up your technology stack, as well as the ways various business functions interact with one another.

We’ll also review the goals of your wider business strategy and, through stakeholder workshops and interviews, build up a comprehensive picture of your end-users, their needs, and motivations.

Driving strategic direction

Armed with this benchmark of your existing technology strategy and insight into current challenges, we’re then able to begin building a future plan to address these – and deliver you the enhanced and integrated IT systems you require.

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We’ll oversee the assessment and selection of suitable technologies, and define strategic implementation plans that maximise speed of delivery while minimising risk. Crucially, everything we do will be guided by a holistic view of existing, new and emerging technologies to ensure that an appropriate balance between customer and colleague expectations, and the cost and surety of operations, is maintained for the long-term.

Providing technical oversight

As well as supporting the development of your technology strategy, we’ll also deliver project-specific technical support throughout your digital journey. From the delivery of business-critical communication, HR and finance systems to exploring the ‘art of the possible’, we’ll not only help design solutions that serve your goals, but keep a close eye on project progress to ensure that key outcomes are achieved in line with pre-defined milestones.

We’ll additionally guide the development of your roadmaps for existing technology and support effective prioritisation both within individual projects and across your wider portfolio. Throughout too, we’ll help you with change management programmes that ensure the smooth adoption of any new approaches, tools and technologies.

Engaging stakeholders

Stakeholder workshop to gather ideas and feedback

At every stage of your CTO as a Service engagement, we’ll take a strategic approach to engaging internal and external stakeholders, embracing collaboration and shared understanding via regular workshops, prioritisation exercises and ideation sessions. Combined with open and rapid feedback loops, this helps ensure that your technology strategy is informed and improved based on valuable front-line insight, while also helping you to secure buy-in and streamline the onboarding process.

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