Prepare for success with a collaborative Agile discovery phase that captures all of your project’s user, business and technical requirements.

The more we ask, the more we understand – and the more we understand, the more answers we have. Which is why we place so much importance on the discovery phase of any software development or digital transformation project.

Example discovery activities and discovery presentation deck

It’s only when we’re armed with the right information that we can get off to the best possible start, and deliver a digital transformation strategy and development roadmap that will deliver against your goals. After all, how can you effectively meet objectives if they’re not clearly identified up-front?

Deliverables include

Agile discovery services at Box UK

At Box UK, the Agile discovery phase is about building a real understanding of your business and your users – extracting all the information you need for project success in such a way that leaves everyone speaking the same language.

Agile discovery workshops

Our consultants begin by getting under the skin of your business, which is where Agile discovery workshop sessions prove so valuable.

Product Owner during workshop session

They help us answer questions such as:

  • What are the overall business goals?
  • How will success be measured?
  • Who are your key user groups?

Agile discovery sessions with your users

We love to speak to users directly as part of our Agile discovery process, learning about their motivations, expectations, devices, usage patterns – anything that will help us understand what they need and want from your digital products and services.

We can also review your existing data as part of the Agile discovery phase, to uncover patterns and trends that users themselves may not be aware of.

Person analysing site architecture as part of Discovery

The information gathered from these Agile discovery services gives us a valuable head start going into the project. We’ll know what needs to be done, and in what order. And you won’t just get the software you want – you’ll get the software you need to achieve your goals.

Agile Software Discovery in action


When ORX approached us with the requirement to overhaul their news application, we began the project with an software discovery phase encompassing collaborative Agile discovery workshops, user profile analysis and reviews of documentation, design and infrastructure that led to the creation of over 200 user stories and acceptance criteria.

This enabled the team to enter into development with a clear picture of what we were building and who we were building it for, helping to keep things on track throughout the duration of the project.


Box UK delivered software discovery services for the National Assembly for Wales (NAfW) to redefine their web presence and shape their digital future.

A multidisciplinary team managed product vision workshops and undertook user research to better understand stakeholder and user needs, conducting a number of activities bilingually to gain comprehensive qualitative and quantitative feedback. The insight gathered informed a user-centred Minimum Viable Project aligned with NAfW’s core objectives, to help signpost a programme of future development activity.

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