Quality user research services as part of insight-led design – for digital solutions that serve, satisfy and delight.

Even with an intimate understanding of your business, industry and the audience you seek to target, truly standing in the shoes of your users can still be a challenge.

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So how do you make sure you know who you are building for, and what they need? The answer lies in partnering with an experienced user research agency able to deliver the necessary understanding and insight, and translate this into an actionable plan for the future. User research should also form the basis of any digital transformation strategy you put in place, to ensure your programme of work delivers against audience as well as business needs.

At Box UK we have extensive experience undertaking user research consultancy as part of an insight-led design process – delivering unparalleled insight into the needs, motivations, expectations and constraints of your audience.

Our UX research consultants will help define both the information that’s required and the best methods for capturing it to provide you with the objective answers you need to make sound design decisions upfront.

Deliverables include

Box UK: a holistic user research agency

Quality user experience research insight

When it comes to getting to know your users, spending time with them is essential. That’s why our UX research consultants use one-to-one interviews and group workshops to uncover the content, features and functionality that will serve, satisfy and delight.

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As well as finding out what users think, though, our user research services also reveal how they behave – highlighting the subtle motivational triggers and persuasive ‘nudges’ that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. By really getting under their skin, you’ll be able to speak to your users at a much deeper, more personal level – delivering greater value for them while improving performance for you.

Quantifiable UX research outputs

While talking to your users is an unbeatable way to gather rich, relevant feedback, for a truly holistic picture you also need to combine it with the facts and figures that matter.

Example persona and user survey results

Our user research consultants use analytics reviews and surveys to fill in any gaps in existing knowledge, and confirm assumptions about user segments, motivations, expectations, context of use, preferred devices, and more.

Enabling a large volume of data to be gathered quickly, easily and cost-effectively, these indirect user research services also illustrate behavioural patterns and trends that may have been missed with a smaller data sample – so you can be sure your digital strategy addresses any potential challenges, along with valuable opportunities ripe for the taking.

User Research in action


A combination of user research services – including interviews, surveys and analytics reviews – ensured that the voice of the user was carried right the way through Investec Asset Management’s website redesign project.

This UX research delivered valuable insight into user perceptions, expectations and behaviours, which our UX consultants translated into interface and interaction designs that streamlined key journeys, making it easier than ever to access important information and services.


Box UK initiated a multi-stage programme of research and improvements to help the NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) create a standard design, style and branding for their public-facing websites.

To build a picture of the ‘as-is’ situation, Box UK’s User Experience (UX) consultants conducted a variety of quantitative and qualitative research activities. From this, they then produced a series of design concepts to enhance the usability of the sites that were delivered to NWIS as a set of outputs that enable their internal team to apply a consistent look and feel to all NHS Wales sites, pages and content.

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