Compelling solutions from an expert UX design agency, delivering a great experience for your users at every turn.

For many clients, the user experience design process is one of the most enjoyable stages of their project. For us, it’s also one of the most critical – because it’s our job to bring the user experience to life through truly innovative UX design services that lift your digital presence to another level.

screen view on different devices for Royal College of Nursing

And we don’t wait until all the research and investigations have been done to start thinking about UX designs – our consultants and UX designers will get involved in your development project or digital transformation strategy from the start. They take part in briefing sessions, client meetings and scoping workshops to achieve a clear understanding of the vision that everyone is striving for. And then they turn that vision into reality, through expert user experience and design services.

Deliverables include

UX design at Box UK

Rather than beginning with intricate interfaces at the outset, we build up our user experience designs iteratively, starting with collaborative sketching workshops. Encouraging the rapid exploration of ideas, these sessions allow us to quickly see what works and what doesn’t before too much time is committed. And because your stakeholders are involved in the process, it’s also easier to secure buy-in from the people that matter.

Examples of development of designs from sketches to wireframes

Once we know the direction the UX and UI designs are going to take, it’s time to get down to more detailed representations. We use interactive HTML prototypes, as these can be viewed and used in a realistic way – so you know what you’ll be getting at the end of your project. We can even try UX designs out on your users before development begins – they’re ideal for usability testing.

Bringing user experience design to life

We then stamp your identity on the experience. Our visual designers will craft every element of your user interface for maximum clarity and impact – helping users complete key tasks quickly and easily, while ensuring your brand messages are reinforced throughout your UI designs.

Mobile screenshots of okdo website

Having delivered enterprise software UX design projects across a range of devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, TVs (even remote kiosks and banking ATMs), we’ll also make sure that across all your digital channels, the user experience is usable, consistent and enjoyable.

UX Design in action

Hodge Bank

In order to maximise customer satisfaction, process efficiencies and revenue growth when bringing their account application process online, delivering an exceptional experience was a must for Hodge Bank.

We worked closely with the client to develop effective UX and UI designs, delivering working prototypes of the new journey that not only provided a clear blueprint for the development of the new savings account application process, but helped set the standard for all future user experience design initiatives too.

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