Compelling solutions from an expert UX and UI design agency, delivering a great experience for your users at every turn.

As a UX agency with extensive experience working with international organisations across a variety of industries and a wide range of UX design disciplines, our team combines the ethos of Design Thinking and the science of User Centred Design to create deliverables that attract, engage and convert audiences.

Over more than two decades, our UX consultants and designers have built up a portfolio of successful projects, driving measurable results for clients that include increased conversion rates, improved stakeholder and user feedback, and recognition from international design bodies.

RCN screenshots across a variety of devices

For many clients, the User Experience (UX) design process is one of the most enjoyable stages of their project. For us, it’s also one of the most critical because it’s our job to bring the user experience to life through truly innovative design services that lift your digital presence to another level.

And we don’t wait until all the research and investigations have been done to start thinking about UX and User Interface (UI) design. Our consultants and designers will get involved in your development project or digital transformation strategy from the start. They take part in briefing sessions, client meetings and scoping workshops to achieve a clear understanding of the vision that everyone is striving for – before turning that vision into reality.

Our UX and UI Design services

UX design

Box UK’s UX design services provide you with elegant design solutions that enable your users to access information and complete tasks quickly and intuitively. We’ll take a holistic look at every touchpoint a user may have with your organisation – physical and digital – and employ techniques such as user journey and customer experience mapping to create a consistent and coherent offering that improves brand recognition and streamlines core processes.

Brown paper on wall with Inputs and Home Page labels, and diagrams underneath

Our UX consultants may also draw on a range of user research techniques to support them in identifying the best possible solutions for you, including one-to-one interviews, stakeholder workshops, surveys and on-site feedback mechanisms, and reviews of your analytics or any other existing documentation.

Usability testing is another valuable tool in the UX design process, from full lab-based testing programmes to rapid and remote activities such as tree testing, card sorting and 5-second tests.

UI design

Following on from the UX design phase (or delivered as a standalone project) our UI design service presents user interface concepts for digital products and services that meet the behavioural expectations of your users, with a premium look and feel that clearly communicates your brand values.

Rather than beginning with intricate interfaces at the outset, we build up our designs iteratively, starting with collaborative sketching workshops. Encouraging the rapid exploration of ideas, these sessions allow us to quickly see what works and what doesn’t before too much time is committed. And because your stakeholders are involved in the process, it’s also easier to secure buy-in from the people that matter.

sequence of three web pages in 3D for RS Design Spark

Once we know the direction the designs are going to take, it’s time to refine agreed approaches into more detailed user interface representations. These lightweight UI design deliverables take into account additional design elements such as visual weight, headings, content, and functional elements and are regularly tested as part of an Agile approach that minimises risk while maximising quality.

Having delivered digital design services for desktop, mobile, tablet, TVs (even remote kiosks and banking ATMs), we’ll craft every element of your user interface for maximum clarity and impact – whatever the requirements, motivations or constraints of your chosen device.

Wireframes and prototyping

We’ll deliver your designs to you as interactive wireframes and HTML prototypes that incorporate page templates, interactions and visual prominence allocation to provide enhanced insight and understanding, and remove the need for functional descriptions.

Examples of development of designs from sketches to wireframes

These outputs provide confidence that your finished interface will meet the needs of your users and the expectations of your stakeholders, and are ideally suited for full user testing to ensure any issues are picked up and resolved before development work commences.

Deliverables include

Visual Design Services

Attractive visual design concepts help grab – and hold – people’s attention, encouraging them to explore further and complete key journeys and tasks. But simply brilliant digital designs shouldn’t stop there. They should also communicate important information quickly and clearly, while reinforcing your core brand messages at every turn.

Mobile screenshots of okdo website

Our visual designers will craft every element of your user interface for maximum clarity and impact – applying design skills built up over many years and projects to help users complete key tasks quickly and easily, while ensuring your brand messages are reinforced throughout your UI designs.

Brand development

Whether it be the creation of a brand identity for a new product or service or the development of your existing assets, we take the time to get to know your goals and target audience. This allows us to create a visual layer that not only strengthens your message but engages from the outset, in a manner that is both familiar to your brand and fresh for your audience.

Responsive website visual design

With so many different devices on the market, a one-size-fits-all website doesn’t cut it any longer. Choose a responsive solution, however, and you’ll ensure your visitors get a great experience no matter what size screen they’re viewing your site on.

Visual design concepts for mobile apps

Not getting the levels of interaction and satisfaction you were hoping for from your native apps? We can create native iOS and Android apps that follow the best practice and UI patterns of each platform, while ensuring the design continues to enhance both functionality and brand.

Mobile screenshots of okdo website

HTML email design

Boasting a greater return on investment than other (often more costly) channels, email marketing continues to deliver results. We’ll help optimise your email designs to drive even more people to your website, no matter what email client or device they’re using.

Deliverables include
Case studies


Box UK initiated a multi-stage programme of research and improvements to help the NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) create a standard design, style and branding for their public-facing websites.

To build a picture of the ‘as-is’ situation, Box UK’s UX consultants conducted a variety of quantitative and qualitative research activities. From this, they then produced a series of design concepts to enhance the usability of the sites that were delivered to NWIS as a set of outputs that enable their internal team to apply a consistent look and feel to all NHS Wales sites, pages and content.


Overhauling the Royal College of Nursing’s website as part of a wider programme of digital transformation, our visual design service dramatically improved the member experience in a number of ways.

Users now benefit from a more modern interface, which follows best practice to increase the findability of content while also presenting a consistent and coherent brand experience that clearly communicates and reinforces the membership institution’s mission and values.

Hodge Bank

In order to maximise customer satisfaction, process efficiencies and revenue growth when bringing their account application process online, delivering an exceptional experience was a must for Hodge Bank.

We worked closely with the client to develop effective UX and UI designs, delivering working prototypes of the new journey that not only provided a clear blueprint for the development of the new savings account application process, but helped set the standard for all future user experience design initiatives too.

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