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For Manchester businesses looking to achieve strategic goals and drive future growth and expansion, Box UK’s bespoke software development services can deliver you the outcomes you need.

Acting as strategic partners to a roster of enterprise clients, we service organisations right across the UK from our offices in London and Cardiff, in major cities including:

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Our award-winning development team has a proven track record of success with long-distance clients – having worked as far afield as South East Asia – and our collaborative, iterative software development process means we’re perfectly placed to deliver you complete visibility of your project, from planning through to launch and beyond.

Why Box UK?

  • Our software development services draw from a wide range of modern programming languages and frameworks, allowing us to take a flexible approach and deliver software solutions that drive the best outcomes for your business.
  • We have a multidisciplinary team encompassing bespoke software consultants, software designers, UX consultants, and system engineers alongside backend, frontend and full-stack developers, guiding your project through from the initial planning stages through to launch and beyond.
  • Our project management approach combines agile ways of working with appropriate governance to maximise responsiveness while minimising risk.

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Benefits of bespoke software development

Developing a custom software solution provides the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to build something that fully meets your needs and avoid investing in features or functionality you don’t need. You also have full control over your future development roadmap, so that your bespoke software can adapt and evolve as you need it to.

Bespoke software engineering also helps safeguard the performance and security of your systems, providing you with direct access to technical and domain expertise and the highest levels of support. This is particularly important if your software underpins core business processes, is a direct source of revenue generation for your business, or handles high levels of traffic or transactions, when the confidence provided through working with an enterprise software development company is crucial.

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Manchester businesses can also unlock innovation with bespoke software development services, creating products or services to meet changing customer needs and expand into new markets. Here, your custom software can help you achieve valuable first-mover status, and deliver strategic advantages to put you ahead of your competition.

Box UK bespoke services

As a custom software development company with more than two decades’ experience designing and building high-quality digital solutions, Box UK offers a range of bespoke development services to support your strategic aims. Our development team has a proven track record of delivering exceptional web applications, software systems, mobile experiences and enterprise Content Management System (CMS) implementations, working closely with expert business analysts and solution architects to create something that’s tailored just for you.

Additionally, a focus on heavy-use, multi-user ecommerce platforms has given us deep experience in creating scalable, resilient and high-transaction systems for clients across the globe – specialising in complex multilingual and multisite installations, along with integrations to create a holistic ecommerce ecosystem and support the end-to-end purchase lifecycle.

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We’re also experienced in installing embedded software teams within organisations, to support with mission-critical projects, provide access to specific skills and specialisms, and increase development velocity and volume. Our embedded software engineering services flex to suit your specific needs, from full-lifecycle augmented teams to project governance and delivery support, as well as targeted specialisms including strategy and planning, software testing, and user experience and design.

Our work


Quality-of-life service provider Sodexo asked Box UK to take on management of their Employee Benefits product, following a code review which revealed that, in its existing state, the platform would not be able to deliver the levels of stability and security needed to effectively serve their customers.

Having first stabilised the platform, Box UK’s development team worked on building new features that will ultimately help Sodexo realise their aim of ‘leapfrogging’ the competition – taking an Agile approach to rapidly and regularly deliver value.


Running seven country sites in six languages from a single installation, OKdo.com is a feature-rich, widely-integrated technology ecosystem that serves as a flagship example of enterprise WordPress and WooCommerce development.

As OKdo’s IT partner, we delivered this project in just eight months, bringing to life a global ecommerce platform that would underpin the launch of their new business into two of the fastest-growing markets in the technology space.


Across the globe, over 100,000 medical professionals rely on the information delivered through the BMJ’s Best Practice mobile app to inform their clinical decision-making.

Keeping speed and accessibility front-of-mind, we rebuilt both iOS and Android versions of the app from the ground up – reducing the time required to download it and its contents by 70% and reducing storage by 60%, as well as making the experience of finding relevant information intuitive, fluid and, crucially, fast.

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