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Software Consultancy

We work with clients for whom software is mission-critical.

For whom making the right technical decisions, at the right time, is imperative to the continued success and growth of their businesses. 

And so we provide a team that is committed, proven and creative. As well as endlessly excited about the potential of what can be achieved.

Stepping up to the software challenge

We’ll step up when you need us.

Our business analysts, technical architects, and quality assurance and systems engineers have extensive experience working across different industries and projects. We’ve taken on the toughest software challenges from some of the most visionary and progressive organisations out there.

You can rest assured that we’ll get to the bottom of your requirements. And then define a solution that delivers.

RCN prototype iPhone and iPad

Delivering exceptional software solutions

We give as good as we get.

As much as our clients challenge us, we challenge them too. The organisations we work with want to partner with the best in the business - people who will push them all the way, and aren’t afraid to ask the searching questions needed to get them where they need to be. 

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. The work we’re doing with clients has gained international recognition from leading awards bodies, as well as stakeholders, internal users and external customers.

"They’re very good, in terms of involvement in our business and understanding what we’re trying to achieve I can’t fault them."
- Rob Streeter, BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT

So, if you're looking for guidance on technical matters such as usability, performance, extensibility, security and stability, then make sure you talk to us. We think you’ll be very happy that you did.

Software consultancy in action

OK, let's talk...

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Considering a move to the cloud?

Cloud migration webinar slides 

Interested in the benefits to be gained from moving to the cloud, but put off by the perceived risk and complexity involved with such a project? Then our webinar "An SME’s journey in migrating to the cloud" is for you! In this session Box UK IT Manager Alistair Gibbs and Principal Systems Engineer Nick Rowland share the story of Box UK’s journey to the cloud, which delivered significant scalability benefits and cost-savings of approximately 50% - and offer plenty of tips to kick-start your own migration too. 

Watch on demand >

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