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02 Feb 2016

The Five Stages of a Successful Agile Transformation

By Box UK

Want improved speed, flexibility and responsiveness? Be Agile, not fragile. Download our white paper to find out more.

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12 Feb 2016

Tech round-up: Feb 12th

By Steve Anderson

Want to find out about the most interesting tech articles and tools around at the moment? You've come to the right place.

11 Feb 2016

Why it's important to fail first when developing software

By Tom Houdmont

Testing code offers many benefits - but why do we write the tests first? Principal Developer Tom Houdmont explains.

10 Feb 2016

UX & Design round-up: 10th Feb

By Gavin Harris

Looking for some User Experience (UX) & Design-related reading? You've come to the right place.

20 Jan 2016

An error with Sitecore’s Web Forms For Marketers - solved

By Charlie Afford

Having issues with your Sitecore forms? Charlie Afford shares a potential solution in this post.

13 Jan 2016

Practical solutions for requirements gathering: preparation

By Andrew Beaney

They say “fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail”. In the first of a series of blog posts, Box UK’s Lead Analyst Andrew Beaney explains how this also applies to the requirements gathering process.

12 Jan 2016

Six Signs Your Software Is Failing You

By Box UK

Is your software fit for purpose? Take action now - download our white paper to discover whether an upgrade could improve your business performance.

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17 Dec 2015

Technology trends for 2016

By Benno Wasserstein

What does 2016 have in store when it comes to technology trends? We share our predictions for the year ahead.

15 Dec 2015

Managing stakeholder relationships in major projects

By Adam Jones

Projects perform better when everyone’s working together - so follow our five steps to securing stakeholder support, and see the positive effect it has on deliverables.

09 Nov 2015

Reducing congestion with

By Robert Rhoades

Noticed performance issues on a project, but don’t understand the cause? Box UK Developer Rob Rhoades explains how the Blackfire tool helped us recently.

05 Nov 2015

What makes a great digital banking experience?

By Gavin Harris

Box UK Senior User Experience (UX) Consultant Gavin Harris highlights the steps required to produce a banking experience customers will love.

02 Nov 2015

Hacktoberfest 2015

By Ian Jenkins

Throughout October, members of the Box UK developer community participated in Hacktoberfest. Here, Principal Developer Ian Jenkins explains what the event was all about.

27 Oct 2015

Keep your customers coming back

By Gavin Harris

You worked hard to attract them. Now work smart to make sure they stick around. Here are three key tips for increasing retention rates.

20 Oct 2015

A common goal: building a shared vision for your digital project

By Adam Jones

Get everyone pulling in the same direction, and you’ll get them pushing for success. Adam Jones explores the importance of achieving a shared understanding of requirements at the outset.

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