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Providing Investec Asset Management with expert UX insight.

The client

Investec Asset Management is a specialist provider of active investment products and services. Established in South Africa in 1991, the firm has been built from a small start-up into an international business managing US$90 billion. Their clients include some of the world's largest private and public sector pension funds and range from foundations and central banks to intermediated and direct investors. Box UK has enjoyed a highly successful long-term relationship with Investec Asset Management, undertaking projects that have delivered measurable results including a threefold increase in site traffic and a 30% rise in lead generation.

The challenge

Following an announcement from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) that the publication of Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) in multiple languages be mandatory for all fund management institutions, Investec were required to integrate and display this information on their main investor website. Box UK needed to design and implement a solution which satisfied all regulatory requirements while maintaining a seamless experience for Investec's customers, and not impacting the existing usability of the website.

Our solution

Box UK began the project with an in-depth User Experience (UX) requirements gathering phase, conducting workshops with Investec’s key stakeholders to define and prioritise business and user needs, and balance these with the new legal requirements. This research informed the creation of prototypes which allowed the UX Consultants and the client’s internal team to experiment with different approaches to displaying KIIDS throughout the user journey, testing a number of designs early in the project for minimised risk.

As enabling users to select the language they wanted to view KIIDs in was a central requirement of any chosen solution, a process was devised that integrated tightly with Investec’s existing declaration system, allowing users to choose a preferred language when selecting their investor type at the beginning of their journey through the site. Once this vital information had been received they would be provided with appropriate KIIDS where relevant. 

To make accessing and understanding the (often complex) financial information as easy and intuitive as possible, a central repository of all KIIDs was required. To meet user needs effectively, Box UK’s consultants undertook a detailed review of the existing literature pages on the Investec site, suggesting new designs which followed User Centred Design (UCD) principles to ensure all data could be displayed via a more logical and seamless interface.

Investec Asset Management KIIDs area

Once the designs had received stakeholder sign-off, development was carried out using an Agile approach; a flexible project management framework that focuses on collaboration, continual feedback and regular, iterative releases.

The outcome

Using lightweight prototypes to test and refine the user journeys and interface designs enabled Investec to get internal feedback and stakeholder sign-off on key elements before a single line of code was written, reducing financial overheads and avoiding waste. Further flexibility was achieved through the use of Agile techniques and a sprint-based development model, which enabled the solution to adapt to changing conditions and requirements; this was particularly important as the KIIDs regulations were still being defined as development was being carried out.

The Investec site now meets all current KIIDs regulations, while continuing to deliver the highest-quality service to their customers by providing clear, user-friendly documentation. Following the success of the updated literature grid the institution will also now roll this design out across their other websites to increase the accessibility of important information for all users.

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