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Agile adoption for Telnames.

Cutting overheads. Trimming budgets.

To be fitter, leaner, more flexible and more cost-effective. It’s what most businesses strive for. And it’s what Box UK helped Telnames achieve. 

By transferring from a front-heavy Waterfall project management approach to the more nimble Agile way of working, Telnames was able to reap the rewards of reduced timescales and overheads. And, thanks to dedicated coaching from Box UK, they saw results almost immediately. 

So if you too are frustrated by the high costs of inflexible processes, isn't it time we helped you make the switch Agile?

A better way

Box UK enjoys a successful on-going relationship with Telnames, having worked with them on a number of development projects to extend their reach and strengthen their brand. However, during the course of these projects our Agile consultants quickly identified that the Waterfall project management methodology being used was extending the length of these projects - delaying the release of software to live and increasing administrative overheads.

It was clear that a more time and cost-effective framework was needed. 

Agile’s focus on regular communication and reprioritisation of development tasks made it our number-one recommendation for Telnames - particularly as they operate in a fast-moving industry where market conditions, business requirements and user needs can all change rapidly.

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Embedding Agile

Our support didn’t end there though. We also provided a timetable of activity that detailed the schedules, requirements, roles and responsibilities of all parties to reduce the risk of bottlenecks and ensure the switch was as smooth as possible. And, because the successful adoption of Agile is as much about mindset as it is about mechanics, we worked closely with Telnames to ensure they had the right cultural fit to truly benefit from the approach. 

Sprinting toward success

With development now carried out in short one-week ‘sprints’, Telnames is able to see regular demonstrations of working software - allowing them to provide feedback and drive the direction of the project as changing requirements dictate. As a result, they’ve improved communication, slashed weeks off production schedules and significantly improved delivery times.  

Sound good? We certainly think so.

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