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We all know that a good user experience should be instinctive, natural, and effortless. But at Box UK we also have the decades of experience to make it so.

Working with international organisations across a broad range of industries, our UX consultants have built up a portfolio of successful and award-winning projects that speaks for itself.

With clients such as Investec Asset Management, RS Components and TBC Bank, we have proven time and again that the benefits of investing in user experience are not only far-reaching but also long-lasting - positively impacting on user satisfaction and business performance.

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Putting the user in user experience.

Over the years we have developed a formidable team, with expertise across the full range of User Experience and Design (UX&D) disciplines.

"Box UK's user experience and design expertise is priceless"
- Vazha Beriashvili, TBC Bank 

Applying the science of User Centred Design (or UCD), we craft every aspect of your site or application around the specific needs, motivations, expectations, behaviours and constraints of your users. We question, we test, and we trial - using both qualitative and quantitative research to ensure that our decisions and recommendations are based on real-world requirements - not assumptions - to give you maximum confidence in the results.

Put simply, our UX consultants think harder, so users don’t have to.

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Delivering valuable returns.

Of course, there’s an enormous financial incentive to creating a great user experience. And the better that experience is, the more popular you and your digital products become.

Just ask TBC Bank, who increased internet banking penetration from 17% to 30% and mobile banking penetration from 2% to 15% with an exceptional multi-channel experience designed by us.

Or AWC, who overnight increased their sales by 13% and order values by 46% as a result of implementing our ‘quick win’ recommendations.

So if you want to make a positive impact on satisfaction levels and performance, you know what to do… get in touch with the team, and see how we can help you.

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