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Our UX Process

Each and every one of our User Experience (UX) projects is focused on creating simple, compelling and intuitive solutions.

And we take exactly the same approach with our process - removing unnecessary complexity with a User-Centred Design (UCD) approach that eliminates waste and maximises returns.

User-centred design is about just that - keeping the user at the centre of all design decisions. We believe the the best-designed products and services - with the highest return on investment - result from understanding the needs, motivations, expectations, contexts and constraints of the people who will use them. 

It’s lean. It’s focused. It’s efficient. And it’s one that delivers every time. 


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Users - the heart of your business, the heart of your products.

At every stage of the process we ask ourselves how we can deliver the greatest benefit to your users. A question that we then answer through an insight-led design approach that sees us conducting in-depth research and testing with real users - improving as we go until we get to the solution that’s just right for you.

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Whatever’s needed, when it’s needed.

At the same time, though, we’re careful to ensure the up-front work we do is ‘just enough’, ensuring we don’t squander precious budget, time and effort on unnecessary detail and complexity.

‘Just enough’ means using exactly the right level of fidelity to achieve results - so if usability testing can be conducted just as effectively with a sketch as with a prototype, then we’ll sketch it first. This, combined with the Agile framework that influences everything we do, means that hypotheses can be quickly tested, validated and refined, ensuring that knowledge gaps are filled at an early stage - without going overboard.

We spend our energy wisely - so you can spend your budget more effectively.

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