Helping students become fluent in English with powerful, interactive language-learning software.

When Linguavote spotted an opportunity to develop a tool that would enhance the language learning process for students in schools and universities, they realised that they needed a technology partner with the software development expertise that would turn their vision into commercial reality.

Delivering a Sitecore-driven solution, we have enabled Linguavote to provide an immersive English language-learning experience to students worldwide. Engagement is encouraged through online communities and interactive features, while personalisation capabilities allow specific regional and cultural considerations to be accommodated with ease. And because it’s built using Sitecore, it can scale with ease – supporting Linguavote’s plans for global expansion.

If like Linguavote, you’re looking to bring an innovative software product to market, let’s talk. We think you’ll find we speak your language.

Exploring an untapped market

As Linguavote aimed to make their language-learning software the standard for educational institutions around the world, the first thing that was required was bespoke software consultancy, to identify a highly scalable development framework that would serve as the basis for the platform. The enterprise-level Sitecore Experience Platform proved the ideal solution, providing Linguavote with the power to grow the system as business and market demands dictate. The time and cost associated with this scalability has also been drastically reduced, thanks to hosting in the cloud.

Transforming the teaching process

With a flexible and scalable platform in place, we then focused on providing Linguavote’s student audience with a unique learning experience – one that motivates and engages without the need for testing. And to achieve that we looked to gamification – also known as the application of game psychology to interactions.

Bespoke development work was undertaken to integrate polls and forums into lessons alongside more traditional activities such as flashcards – creating a social atmosphere while also helping strengthen language skills. Students are also able to unlock profile badges by gaining ‘likes’ on their posts from other users. Tapping into fundamental human instincts for challenges, rewards and status in this way persuades students to progress through the exercises, as well as increasing interaction within the community.

Respecting the culture

Linguavote’s plans for future expansion are supported by Sitecore’s extensive personalisation capabilities, which enable the site to be tailored to different regions, languages and more. However, to address the security concerns of schools and the specific cultural requirements of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Linguavote also needed to provide educational institutions with the ability to define the content seen by various user groups. This required the existing system to be extended with custom functionality so that content can be filtered at the granular level required, such as only allowing students to see posts from their own institution, and serving content targeted to specific genders.

Commercial success

There has been a great deal of interest in the tool following launch. By targeting market segments that previously weren’t being served with language-learning software focused on debate and discussion, it provides students with a contextualised understanding of English – helping them grasp the language more quickly while delivering key competitive differentiation for Linguavote.

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