Helping an innovative fullfibre broadband company bring their offering to market, with a high-impact website built on the WP Engine WordPress platform.

As a fullfibre broadband company, Ogi is committed to building a real fibre network across South Wales, connecting underserved communities with high-quality broadband services.

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As part of a major rebrand to establish the company within the South Wales market, Ogi required a new website that would effectively showcase the company and its offering, drive interest, engagement and sales, and deliver an exceptional experience for new and existing customers.

Ogi were looking for a partner that combined outstanding development capabilities with strong creative and technical User Experience & Design (UX&D) expertise, who could apply a deep knowledge of the product and market, and who shared Ogi’s passion to deliver the project vision – and they found exactly what they needed in Box UK.

Working closely with the client and their brand agency, the Box UK team worked to a challenging timescale to deliver a high-performance, high-impact website to support the launch of the new Ogi brand, built using the WP Engine WordPress platform.

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"Not only did Box UK already have a track record for supporting both Welsh brands as well as brands based internationally, they also demonstrated the technical capabilities that were essential to support the successful delivery of our website. "

Mari Stevens
Chief Marketing Officer, Ogi

Bringing broadband to all

Offering real fullfibre broadband and with its own network stretching from Pembrokeshire to Monmouthshire, Ogi aims to be instrumental in powering up South Wales’ digital infrastructure for the future, so that communities can benefit from the opportunities real fibre brings.

A major part of Ogi’s strategy is to establish itself in the South Wales market, and to support them in that aim the company had embarked on a comprehensive rebrand under the Ogi name – requiring a website that would serve as the foundation for all new campaign activity. With Ogi targeting both personal and business audiences – including offering a managed service proposition for business customers – the website needed to fulfil a number of diverse goals, while always delivering the very highest standards of customer experience.

Screenshot of Ogi site on laptop device

Ogi therefore began the search for a web development partner that understood the Welsh market, understood the product, and understood the technology involved. Box UK immediately impressed, having delivered creative, immersive and dynamic websites for multiple clients across Wales and internationally, and with a strong track record of operating within the technology sector. The team also demonstrated an instinctive understanding of the overarching vision for the website and a passion for producing a high-quality solution – so were engaged to deliver the site to coincide with strategic campaign marketing activity.

Focusing on the user experience

Box UK was additionally able to bring a strong focus on the user experience to the project, with an approach centred on understanding the customer and their needs to deliver clear information and navigation, intuitive journeys and calls to action, and engaging and consistent web design. Drawing on their experience working within the industry as well as cross-sector best practice examples, the Box UK User Experience & Design (UX&D) team began by defining the Information Architecture (IA) and content structure for the site, before building User Interface (UI) designs based on flexible and reusable elements, to ensure a positive experience for both end-users and back-office content administrators.

Design components for the Ogi website

As the new brand was being developed in parallel to the website project, it was vital that the Box UK team worked closely with Ogi and its third-party brand vision company, Uned Studio, throughout, to ensure that the delivered site worked seamlessly with the designs. Box UK’s UX&D consultants were also careful to build flexibility into their approach, working with high-level design guidelines and iterating as the brand was brought to life, to maintain responsiveness and minimise rework.

"The partnership was one of collaboration and agility, with Box UK taking a proactive and positive approach to understand our target audience, the product, and the brand, and reflect this in the delivered website."

Mari Stevens
Chief Marketing Officer, Ogi

Sophisticated features and functionality

To provide a strong and scalable underlying foundation for the website, which would support Ogi’s long-term plans for growth, Box UK recommended WP Engine – a managed digital experience platform built on WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). Famed for its flexibility and usability, WordPress provided the Box UK development team and Ogi’s back-office administrators with a wide range of tools to rapidly create a high-quality website, and deliver ongoing improvements and enhancements with ease.

The page elements identified by the UX&D team were translated into a suite of components that can be reused across multiple pages and locations, through WordPress’ powerful in-built Block Editor (previously named Gutenberg). This included building custom blocks where Ogi required features and functionality not covered by the editor’s standard offering, such as a postcode lookup feature that would enable users to check what services are available in their area, and pre-register their interest in signing up.

Screenshot of the Ogi website on a smartphone

To help inform Ogi’s strategic plans and campaign activity Box UK’s developers also integrated this feature with the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – interfacing with a bespoke API built by Ogi, and advising on what the data transfer process should look like to ensure an optimised connection between the two systems.

Making use of the extensive WordPress ecosystem, the Ogi platform also integrates with a number of third-party plugins to deliver valuable additional capabilities. This includes Advanced Custom Fields Pro that supports custom options in the back-end, and Gravity Forms which enables Ogi to build the complex, multi-stage forms they need to interact with existing and potential customers.

A powerful digital platform

Delivered to budget, and in time to support the marketing campaigns surrounding Ogi’s rebrand, the new website plays a crucial role in the broadband provider’s strategy to promote its offering as they begin rollout across South Wales. Throughout the project, the strong partnership between Ogi and Box UK ensured that the highest standards of creativity, innovation and technical excellence were maintained, and drove the delivery of a powerful platform centred on the needs of the business and its customers.

Screenshot of the Ogi website on an iPad device

Box UK continues to support Ogi in translating their vision into reality by extending and enhancing the current platform, including integrating the ecommerce/sales process as Ogi starts to connect new customers to their network.

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