Delivering award-winning custom membership site platforms that power large-scale, global online communities.

Under pressure from growing competition both within and outside the sector, membership institutions are re-evaluating their digital strategies to deliver greater value to members, build strong and engaged communities, and drive subscriptions and renewals.

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At Box UK we’ve helped numerous membership organisations in their journey, providing advice and guidance on overarching strategic direction, specialist user experience consultancy, and web and mobile development expertise to deliver custom digital platforms that make a real difference to member satisfaction and bottom-line return on investment.

Why Box UK?

Having delivered intelligent online membership platforms that drive real value and competitive advantage for more than twenty five years, at Box UK we have extensive experience working with leading membership institutions and online communities, including the Royal College of Nursing, BMJ, RIBA, Sodexo and RS DesignSpark.

Our experience has given us a wealth of domain-specific insight, which our multidisciplinary teams apply to deliver digital experiences that engage and delight existing and prospective members, supported by robust technology ecosystems that grow and scale along with your business.

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Supported by business analysts and technical consultants, we also help shape digital strategies that enable membership organisations to remain relevant, valuable and successful in the fast-changing digital landscape – looking to leaders both within the sector and across the wider digital landscape for examples of best practice and innovation.

Box UK’s membership site services

Our membership site development capabilities are geared to helping organisations better serve members, release more value from content, and improve business performance, and encompass:

  • Digital transformation strategy: from assessing your current situation and future vision through agile discovery activities, to putting strategic roadmaps in place to get you where you need to be, we’ll help drive the long-term digital evolution of your membership organisation.
  • Technical consultancy: helping you make informed technology choices about your underlying platform and wider ecosystem, through options analysis, CTO as a Service and more.
  • User experience & design: user-centred design services ensure exceptional online experiences with your members’ needs, goals, mental models and contexts of use at their heart.
  • Website & mobile development: we work with industry-leading platforms including WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore to build high-performance membership sites – and are skilled in the bespoke development of complex software platforms and mobile solutions (including hybrid applications) when specific features and functionality are required.
  • Integrated ecosystems: specialists in complex integrations, we design, develop and deliver sophisticated membership ecosystems featuring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, email marketing solutions, ecommerce capabilities and more, to support the end-to-end member journey.
  • Review & refine: understand current performance with technical code reviews expert user experience audits and peers, innovators and competitors assessments, and get real-world feedback to identify areas for improvement through usability testing with representative and real-world members.
Case studies


Over 100,000 medical professionals worldwide rely on the information delivered through the British Medical Journal’s Best Practice Application to inform their clinical decision-making.

Keeping speed and accessibility front-of-mind, our software engineering team rebuilt the app from the ground up – reducing the time required to download it and its contents by 70% and reducing storage by 60%, as well as making the experience of finding relevant information intuitive, fluid and, crucially, fast.

RS DesignSpark

Thanks to a programme of bespoke software development, RS Components can serve its 750,000-strong engineering community more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Box UK’s team of website designers and developers delivered a new online membership platform featuring a wealth of value-add features and functionality that has helped RS Components drive increased engagement, collaboration and satisfaction – as well as safeguarding their position at the heart of a vibrant, global community.


When the Royal College of Nursing needed a modern, agile and efficient new membership website as part of a wider programme of digital transformation, they turned to Box UK to deliver a sophisticated solution to support them in their goals.

Transforming the RCN digital experience from a passive information resource and support service into a dynamic, integrated and real-time network of engaged care and nursing professionals, the website we delivered has gained praise from members, stakeholders, and international awards bodies alike.

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