When your organisation operates at a global scale, you have to deal with an ever-expanding horizon – whether this is increasing your product range, diversifying into new lines and sectors, or entering additional territories.⁠

Achieving these goals requires a very special set of skills, bringing together planning, design and development expertise to ensure that the right products are correctly displayed, while also taking into consideration the logistical and cultural variations that exist from market to market.⁠

We looked at these considerations and more as part of Digital Leaders Week in our talk “International ecommerce: building out your global proposition”, taking you through each stage of the user journey including:

  • Searching for and finding relevant products
  • The purchase process, including checkout, payment and confirmation
  • Supporting customers through to delivery and beyond

If you’re looking to build out your ecommerce proposition, you can now watch the session recording on the Digital Leaders Week event site.


About the Presenters

Allie Brock
Product Owner

Allie has a wealth of experience in understanding, prioritising and managing client needs and, most recently, has acted as Product Owner on a number of high-profile ecommerce projects for international enterprise organisations.

Tom Houdmont
Solution Architect

Tom is a Solution Architect with particular expertise in build automation, interaction design and optimising front-end performance. For more than ten years he has worked on creating scalable solutions for projects of all shapes, sizes and goals.