Long before lockdown forced organisations across all sectors and locations to shut their physical offices, many businesses were waking up to the potential of distributed working. The increased flexibility offered by remote working makes it an attractive proposition for employees, and gives employers greater choice when finding the right candidates for roles, regardless of geography.

However, transitioning to a distributed setup requires much more than simply telling team members they can work from home – as many organisations have found to their cost in recent months.

If you’re looking to make your distributed strategy stronger and more sustainable, this on demand webinar is for you. In it we talk to Elin Lloyd Jones, Head of Innovation and Business Engagement at Cardiff University about her recent experiences managing a remote team, and the crucial role Agile ways of working played in ensuring success.

You’ll learn:

  • How the Innovation and Business Engagement team embedded key Agile practices, processes and behaviours with the help of a tailored Agile coaching programme
  • What benefits they were able to realise as they used these skills to build a new working structure, and a more transparent and open working culture
  • Why the team found themselves much better equipped to respond to remote working requirements as a result of their efforts
  • The measurable results they’ve seen to date, and how they expect to evolve and grow their programme for the future

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