“Product thinking: in practice”

Product thinking is a way of approaching software development that puts the user at the centre of the delivery process. Product thinking keeps a laser-like focus on achieving outcomes such as behavioural impact, instead of simply delivering outputs like specific new features. But what does that mean in practice? If you’re already running an Agile process, aren’t you already doing these things?


To help you find out and maybe challenge a few assumptions, in this session for Wales Tech Week Sam Knight and Kevin Greer gave a whistle-stop tour of how we put product thinking into practice at Box UK, and the benefits we’ve experienced as a result.

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About the Presenter

Kevin Greer
Lead Business Analyst

Kevin is a former practising solicitor who made the switch to business analysis over 15 years ago. Having worked on a wide range of projects during that time, Kevin is passionate both about delivering exceptional products and providing outstanding client care.