February 18th, 2020

“Fun with Flags: how Feature Flags can help you deliver”

Sometimes when working on a project you want to release a feature to an environment, perhaps to demo it in situ, test it on production or to release it to just a small set of users. Similarly, you may be working on a feature as part of a team and may want to release it unfinished so as to not block other work that’s going on.

But you can’t. Or can you? Because there is a neat solution: Feature Flags (or Feature Toggles).

Box UK Principal Developer Ian Jenkins will be exploring Feature Flags in more detail at this upcoming WordPress Cardiff Meetup, which brings together WordPress developers, designers and publishers to share knowledge and experience. He’ll cover what Feature Flags are, why you’ll want to work with them on your next WordPress project, and how to do so effectively while also touching on Continuous Delivery and how using Feature Flags can set you on the path of delivering with confidence.

About the Presenter

Ian Jenkins
Principal Developer

For more than 12 years Ian has worked on creating scalable solutions for projects of all shapes, sizes and goals, focusing on ensuring the highest levels of quality for software that consistently exceeds client expectations and most recently helping lead the delivery of an enterprise WooCommerce project for innovative electronics brand OKdo.

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