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14 Dec 2016

2016 tech trends: a review

By Emma Willis

Last year we shared some predictions about what tech trends would dominate in 2016. Now let’s find out just how prescient they were…

13 Jan 2017

Tech round-up: Jan 13th

By Ian Jenkins

Want to know what's got our dev community talking this week? Check out our latest tech round-up post for all the details...

11 Jan 2017

UX & Design round-up: 11th Jan

By Gavin Harris

Want the low-down on the latest User Experience (UX) & Design news? Our weekly round-up has the links you need to know about.

24 Nov 2016

Making your content work harder for you

By Emma Willis

You’ve invested time and effort in creating great content, so shouldn’t you get the maximum possible value out of it? Here, Emma Willis shares some tips to help you do just that.

07 Nov 2016

Get More for Less From Your Software

By Box UK

“There is currently a reluctance among many organisations to commit to large capital expenditure... ruling out initiatives that may have a negative impact on return on investment in the short-term.”

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31 Oct 2016

Sustainable digital transformation

By Matt Brooks

Your digital transformation is an on-going journey, not a one-off destination - so how can you ensure you’re able to maintain momentum? Matt Brooks explains.

27 Oct 2016

Managing audience expectations

By Matt Brooks

Today, Customer Experience (CX) is king and audiences - used to the best-of-breed experiences being delivered by CX leaders - expect only the best. So, how can you keep up with rising standards, for the benefit of your users and your business alike?

18 Oct 2016

The 'squeezed middle'

By Jonathan Fisher

Under pressure from both suppliers and customers, how can wholesale and distribution organisations maximise margins? Jonathan Fisher explores.

13 Oct 2016

Why use the Digital Marketplace?

By Jonathan Fisher

Do you work in the public sector? If so, you could - and probably should - be using the Digital Marketplace to procure technology and people for your digital projects. Find out more in this introductory blog post.

28 Sep 2016

Retros Against Humanity

By Ian Newman

How can you make Agile project retrospectives an engaging and fun exercise? Box UK Tester Ian Newman has found a way, drawing on the infamous party game Cards Against Humanity.

27 Sep 2016

Improving Education Web Forms

By Box UK

“Education organisations are often dealing with a millennial audience that has grown up surrounded by technology - these individuals are used to getting what they want, exactly when they want it.”

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22 Sep 2016

Nine Steps to Migrate to the Cloud

By Box UK

It’s predicted that the global market for public cloud services will grow by 17% this year, to $204 billion.

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21 Sep 2016

Member Orgs: Achieve Your 2020 Vision

By Box UK

“Even with the most robust of visions in place, the journey towards achieving this will likely be complex, not to mention constantly in flux.”

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19 Sep 2016

Achieving scalability in the public sector

By Jonathan Fisher

How can public sector organisations effectively scale their digital services as audience and organisational demands dictate? Here, Jonathan Fisher explores some of the fundamental changes that may be required to achieve this crucial goal.

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