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28 Feb 2013

Introducing QA

By Box UK

We challenge misconceptions around QA's role in software development, focusing on key benefits.

22 Feb 2013

Filtering Associations with Doctrine 2

By Jon Morgan

Principal Developer Jon Morgan explores solutions to filtering associations when using Doctrine 2 entities.

07 Feb 2013

Deploy any branch with Capistrano

By Box UK

Box UK Developer Gareth Rees explains how to deploy any branch to a server using Capistrano.

23 Jan 2013

PHPUnit & XDebug

By Box UK

XDebug greatly helps with pragmatic code coverage but can affect performance. How can this challenge be resolved?

18 Jan 2013

The importance of domain knowledge

By Box UK

Domain knowledge is incredibly valuable for software development. How can you ensure your external teams have this vital skill?

27 Dec 2012

The tender process: is there an alternative?

By Mark Jacks

With development companies embracing Agile, could the tender process be improved in line with this shift?

23 Dec 2012

EU e-Privacy Directive

By Dylan Thomas

As the deadline for complying with the EU e-Privacy directive draws near, how can businesses prepare for the change?

21 Dec 2012

Why be a Box UK developer?

By Ian Jenkins

A good company culture is central to job satisfaction; in this post Ian Jenkins explores how Box UK offers the ideal developer environment.

11 Dec 2012

White paper: usability testing

By Gavin Harris

Gavin Harris introduces his new white paper "Ten Common Usability Testing Mistakes", and includes a sneak peek at the report's content.

26 Nov 2012

User journey mapping

By Chris Bangs

Chris Bangs looks into one of the key User Experience discovery techniques and how it can help with your project.

22 Nov 2012

UX 'Dark Patterns'

By Sian Prescott and Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas and Sian Prescott explore the use of dark patterns; designs created to influence and even manipulate the user.

30 Oct 2012

Google Analytics: defining key terms

By Emma Willis

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information to improve your online presence; we offer an introduction to some key terms.

21 Sep 2012

A tale of three Git systems

By Box UK

Principal Developer Craig Marvelley compares three Git UIs to discover what’s most suitable for Box UK as we move over from Subversion.

19 Sep 2012

Twitter chat: all about Agile

By Emma Willis

Last month we continued our series of live Twitter chats ('#boxchat') with a discussion on the Agile method of project management.

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