A retainer agreement with Box UK helped learning software provider Kallidus gain full marks in user centred design.

Whenever Kallidus has needed expert User Experience (UX) guidance, Box UK has been there. Our recommendations have helped drive significant improvements to the usability of their range of learning and talent software solutions – but the full list of benefits runs much deeper than that.

With a retained service agreement in place we assisted with instilling the principles of User Centred Design (UCD) throughout the entire organisation, ensuring that – at all times – Kallidus’ focus remains on the needs and motivations of their audience. Now that all activity is supported by a shared vision development velocity has greatly increased, sales teams are better able to demonstrate product value, and learners have been provided with an experience that’s intuitive, consistent and fit for purpose.

Our efforts have proved so successful that Kallidus is well on the way to becoming self-sufficient in its user experience capabilities, and we are now helping them to recruit their own in-house specialists.

If you too want to place user needs front-and-centre, let us help you shift focus. We think you’ll like what you see.

Embedding User Centred Design

Kallidus first approached us with the requirement for a one-day UX consultancy workshop focusing on a form within their Performance Management tool. After we’d come back with our recommendations for improvement, they asked us to help implement these, as well as take a look at another of their solutions – and the relationship continued to grow from there…

Having seen first-hand how a User Centred Design approach produces products that are both highly useful and usable, Kallidus was firmly convinced of its merits. To make sure therefore that the principles underpinning UCD were embedded right across the organisation they engaged our UX consultants in a long-term retainer agreement to work across their entire product portfolio. Providing access to expert support whenever and wherever it was needed while also maintaining control over cost, this flexible framework helped drive maximum value from the partnership, and ensured that the impact was felt across all aspects of Kallidus’ operations.

Communicating clearly

In addition to helping keep product development focused on the needs, motivations and constraints of the user at all times, we also introduced Kallidus to the benefits of wireframes and prototypes – UX design tools that go hand-in-hand with UCD. Not only did this encourage a more iterative ‘test and refine’ approach to creating designs, it also made a big difference to the efficiency of associated development activities.

By demonstrating what the finished products would look like – and how they would work – at the earliest possible stage, Kallidus’ developers gained a much clearer idea of exactly what they were building (not to mention for whom, too). This substantially reduced the number of assumptions the developers were required to make on a day-to-day basis, along with the risk of costly changes caused by miscommunication and misunderstanding – resulting in greatly increased development velocity.

Selling a vision

Kallidus was also interested to know how they could eliminate product siloes and introduce greater consistency across their entire software range. By defining shared design elements and suggesting enhancements such as consolidated dashboards, we helped facilitate the creation of a unified “talent suite”. This was just what the sales team needed – armed with a coherent picture of the suite’s design they could go and sell a vision of products based around usability, supported by the wireframes and prototypes that had been created.

Taking it further

We continued to support Kallidus in their aim to transform their product portfolio, including delivering updated designs for the product page of their Learning Management System tool that provided improved visibility of the categories, courses and lessons available to learners. However, for Kallidus, working with us had brought home the need to install a full-time UX consultant within the organisation – someone who could continue the good work we’d started as they embarked on an ambitious growth strategy. And while they had never recruited for this position before, they knew a team that had. Our consultants remained on hand to provide advice throughout the process – including sitting in on interviews – to help make sure that Kallidus got the right person for the job.

The start of something great

From streamlining development to enhancing sales, Kallidus has found that when you focus on the user, everybody benefits. With our UX consultants assisting every step of the way, they’ve achieved sustainability in User Centred Design – and the future’s incredibly bright.

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