In these challenging times, do you have concerns about the resilience of your software platforms?

  • Have stakeholders lost confidence in your codebase?
  • Has pivoting your marketing campaigns become a headache?
  • Is a new tech development about to subject your codebase to even more stress?
  • Has the threat of litigation and ICO fines concentrated minds in the C-suite?
  • Is technical debt getting out of control, with the new pressures on working practices?
  • Is your codebase nearing ‘end of life’?

Any one of these things may flag a need for change – but what form should that change take? To determine that, you’re going to need hard facts.

Facts you can only get from an independent code review.

The review will give you clarity – an objective, honest appraisal of the issues affecting your platforms, and recommendations for the future needs of the business. But how can you be sure you’ll get the answers you need?

It comes down to some key decisions you’ll make at the start. So download this free report now, where we cover all the major bases:

  • Identifying risks and issues
  • Assessing the maintainability of your codebase
  • The human touch – going beyond static analysis
  • The crucial need for transparency and honesty
  • Sensitivity – getting other stakeholders onside
  • Tangible business impacts as measures of success
  • Preparing a business case for change

Download the report