The past decade has seen a revolution in the way that people manage their finances, driven by digital innovations that enable crucial information and services to be served exactly where and when customers demand them, and which ensure a banking experience that engages and delights.

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Partnering with financial software development company Box UK can help you capitalise on emerging opportunities and keep pace with disruptors in the sector – combining technical excellence with an agile, user-centred approach to deliver award-winning solutions that increase transactions, grow engagement, and improve customer loyalty.

Why Box UK?

At Box UK we have extensive experience working with a wide range of banks and other financial institutions across the globe including Hodge Bank, ORX, MotoNovo Finance and TBC Bank, helping them make strategic use of technology to better serve customers, optimise practices and processes and extend their reach into new markets and geographies.

With a team of highly skilled software developers, a development process that follows established best practice principles and a robust quality assurance framework, we’re experienced in designing, building, implementing and maintaining powerful software solutions – working across a range of languages, frameworks and devices to maximise flexibility and scalability.

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Our talented User Experience and Design (UX&D) consultants will also ensure that every element of your digital experience is intuitive, accessible and engaging, and enable your customers to complete common tasks and journeys quickly and easily.

Crucially, as a company we’re able to draw on more than twenty years’ cross-sector experience to identify best practice principles and opportunities for innovation, not only within the financial sector but from digital leaders across the board – supporting the delivery of digital solutions that exceed audience expectations, and future-proof your business.

Box UK’s financial software development services

Online banking portals

Whether you’re looking to launch a new banking portal into a new market or territory, or want to review and expand your existing capabilities, we can help. Our sophisticated banking solutions are informed by real-world user insight to boost self-service, increase customer satisfaction and save on call centre and in-branch costs – while surfacing upselling and cross-selling opportunities where they’re both relevant and valuable.

Mobile banking services

Enabling customers to manage their money on their chosen devices is a must for any financial institution, and mobile banking is today more popular than ever. At Box UK we’re skilled in delivering a wide variety of intuitive cross-platform mobile solutions, from native applications specific to your most popular operating systems, to flexible hybrid applications that work across multiple platforms, and responsive and retrofitted frameworks that cater for limitless usage contexts.

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Investment banking solutions

Deliver the information, products and services your investment banking customers need with a robust platform that can scale to meet your global ambitions. With extensive experience within the investment banking sector, we’ve designed software solutions that have powered a diverse range of role- and region-specific sites worldwide, as part of integrated technology ecosystems featuring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, complex data feeds, and literature libraries containing thousands of pieces of documentation.

Financial services websites

Showcase your offering to grow your audience and convert new customers with a high-impact and high-performance website. Starting with an intuitive and vigorously-tested Information Architecture (IA), we’ll create User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) designs that clearly communicate key information and brand messages, before using proven and powerful technologies, tools and frameworks to build a solution that can scale and flex along with your business.

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Bespoke software development solutions

With an impressive track record of delivering bespoke development projects for leading organisations in the financial sector and beyond, we’re here to turn your vision for a custom solution into reality. Specialising in complex integrations, we’ll connect various parts of your technology ecosystem to streamline processes and unlock opportunities for personalisation and contextualisation – or deliver you a bespoke tool that drives real value for your customers and gives you a powerful advantage over the competition.

Case studies


The projects we delivered for Investec Asset Management have produced measurable results, time and time again – including supporting the financial institution’s digital strategy through the delivery of a powerful bespoke technology platform.

Serving dynamic information to visitors across the globe, we also cut hosting costs by 45% through an IT project to move the platform from traditional servers to the cloud, while our dedicated UX consultants ensured that user needs were kept at the heart of all activity.


As the largest operational risk association in the financial services sector, ORX needs to be confident that all their news content is both accurate and accessible – and that’s exactly what our software developers delivered.

Members can now get to the content they need much more easily and, with ORX better able to demonstrate the value of membership, engagement with the application has grown too – leading to a more than 40% increase in traffic and a number of new trial sign-ups.

TBC Bank

Over the years, TBC Bank has relied upon Box UK to deliver a number of UX design projects that support them in their aim of providing the best multi-channel experience in the region.

Working closely with the financial institution, we’ve implemented a programme of strategic UX&D activity that has delivered a measurable, positive impact – including increasing the number of banking clients by a staggering 275%, and growing mobile penetration from 20% to 80% in just two years.

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