"Everyone is focussed on ‘better’ -always seeking to make improvements in what we are doing for our clients and ourselves"

Gemma Helyer

Senior UX Designer

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Gemma started her career with Box UK as a visual designer in 2017, working in partnership with clients to ensure their customers are served with the most compelling user experience as they access the software and applications we develop for them.

As a result of working across multiple agile project teams, Gemma was able to further explore her interest in the collaboration of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) practices, and with the support of her immediate peers and colleagues was able to progress her learning further not only through knowledge share, but with practical application as a result of being given an early opportunity to take a lead role on UX with an existing client.

To gain wider and specific industry experience Gemma left Box UK for a period to work for leading financial services and a SaaS technology company, where she was responsible for the successful productisation of their offering to market.

The ‘unicorn’ that had formed, as Gemma refers to herself (having a rare capability to span UX and UI), has afforded her a unique ability to align the accessibility of the technology with the user experience, and accessibility in particular is an area Gemma is hugely passionate about; she writes regularly on the subject via her personal blog @helyerstudio and leads the programme on accessibility and inclusive design within Box UK which also includes educating her peers.

Armed with enriched experience Gemma returned to Box UK earlier this year to lead the team of UX designers, and the reason for her return; 

“I began my career growth in Box UK, wholly enabled by the amazing culture that embraces open knowledge sharing, collaborative working and an infectious nature of curiosity.  I believe we never stop learning and I know I can continue developing my career back at Box UK.  The company really does do things differently – there’s no restrictive chain of command here, all our teams work collaboratively which means you can focus purely on doing your job to the best of your ability and everyone is focussed on ‘better’ -always seeking to make improvements in what we are doing for our clients and ourselves”.

Recognising that Box UK was the platform that enabled her to progress in her career, Gemma is now further supporting colleagues to develop and grow through mentorship.

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