In reducing training and operational overheads for customers, Risk Decisions’ new risk management tool helps improve performance, and remove key barriers to adoption.

When it comes to risk, prevention is better than cure. Being able to identify potential issues and take appropriate (early) action is crucial to maintaining predictability, performance and profits – yet many organisations remain dependent on legacy risk management systems that are often highly manual, and siloed from other areas of the business.

Risk Decisions, however, wanted to change all that.

They asked Box UK to help enhance the speed, simplicity and usability of their risk management tool ‘Predict!’ – removing barriers to adoption in order to encourage uptake of the software across all areas of an organisation and so enable risk managers to concentrate on adding value through analysis and insight rather than focusing on day-to-day administration.

Our User Experience (UX) consultants delivered designs for a new version of the tool that more than meets these objectives. With training times cut from days to hours, and core tasks completed up to five times faster than before, a greater number of individuals can share in the responsibility for risk management – and more organisations than ever can take advantage of this powerful software.

Minimising risk matters as much to your digital projects as to any other aspect of your business – but with Box UK on board, you can be confident of success. Get in touch today to learn more.

"Box UK understood how important it was to build a new customer experience into our platform, helping us evolve to meet changing needs. Responsiveness, flexibility, and intuitiveness are all expected, and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver this."

Fiona Racher
Global Director - Business Development, Risk Decisions

A different experience

Risk Decisions’ Predict! tool provides organisations with a wealth of functionality to help manage and mitigate risk – but with the latest version of the software they intended to compete on more than just features alone. In particular, they wanted to deliver a product that could facilitate the wholesale embedding of risk management across an organisation; reflecting a growing trend for de-centralised risk management processes that drive increased efficiency, productivity and business value.

When Risk Decisions approached us for expert advice and recommendations about how best to achieve these aims, we immediately saw that a market-leading user experience would prove a powerful differentiator – especially in an industry where a certain amount of complexity is unavoidable.

Streamlined and simplified

In order to explore this opportunity in more detail, our UX consultants conducted a series of workshops with the client, to uncover particular pain points within the current Predict! tool as well as understand the ultimate objectives and aspirations for the system. Through this process it became clear that, as the tool had grown organically over time, there was scope to streamline a number of key user journeys, as well as giving greater focus to core elements of the tool’s functionality.

Armed with this understanding we created a number of prototypes and wireframes that detailed potential improvements in these areas – from the consolidation of similar or underused features through to the use of language that Risk Decisions’ target audience would find most familiar.

Spreading the word of UCD

To ensure our designs were as effective as possible we took a cross-industry approach to usability standards and best practice, drawing on our expertise helping leading organisations from a wide range of backgrounds deliver useful, usable and enjoyable user experiences. By sharing this insight with the client and – importantly – explaining the rationale behind our recommendations, we helped Risk Decisions embrace these principles too. And as they began to adopt a User Centred Design (UCD) approach within their own operations and make UX decisions of their own, our role became ever more consultative.

Our team acted as a valuable sounding board when Risk Decisions needed their ideas validating; offering specific advice and guidance as and when required as well as during the UX ‘surgeries’ that took place throughout the project. Providing an efficient and effective way to address and resolve any problems the client encountered as the new tool began to take shape, these surgeries supported a highly Agile way of working – allowing for regular periods of review and testing as part of an incremental and iterative delivery process.

All-round improvement

By keeping the user – and fundamental usability principles – at the heart of all activity, Predict! 5 is truly accessible to all departments and roles throughout an organisation. As a result, Risk Decisions has been able to reach a much wider audience, selling in the experience as much as individual features – and with training times substantially reduced and productivity levels through the roof, existing clients are taking a keen interest in the latest version of the tool too. Proof, if needed, that if you take the time to understand and serve your users, they’ll love you for it – and they won’t be alone, either.

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