Episode 1. Box UK In Conversation With EDF Energy

A focus on UX & CRO with Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist, Amy-Louise Edwards

‘Box UK in conversation with’ is our all-new bitesize interview series, allowing us to provide our UX and CRO audience with valuable insight by producing lively, relevant, and helpful content.

Benno Wasserstein, Founder at Box UK, in conversation with Amy-Louise Edwards, Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist at EDF Energy. Amy has been focused on marketing for the past nine years of her career. Prior to her role at EDF Energy Amy worked in a number of digital start-ups, notably Digital Oyster, Momentum & Pixel by Pixel. She is passionate about behavioural science in particular.

Amy discusses:

  • Why she believes in a combined qualitative and quantitative approach
  • What EDF Energy are doing to stand out in the market
  • How to explain the importance of CRO and user experience internally

Watch the recording