I started in tech support at Cardiff University, before moving to managing Cardiff Business School’s Drupal website, and progressing to lead the web team for the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

My passion however was coding, and keen to grow and develop in this area I took on a  junior developer role at a WordPress development agency that specialises in the sports industry, where I was working on statistic heavy sites for high profile clients such as: Six Nations, British and Irish Lions and Wales Rugby Union. Ensuring sports fans had all the information they needed clearly and easily accessible was always a fun challenge. 

From my time in tech support, I learnt a lot about the importance of engaging the end user with a frictionless experience which is unfortunately often overlooked.  I joined Box UK with a good baseline of knowledge and experience in developing for WordPress at pace and have worked with some big name clients.

"I’ve always been interested in using code to solve problems. Being able to reduce a complex set of tasks into code that can reliably perform those tasks in a fraction of the time it would take manually is something I find endlessly fascinating."

Jonny Bull

Senior Developer, Box UK

My time at Box UK

Box UK was always an aspirational move for me.  The development community is fairly tight knit in Wales and Box UK is renowned as the hub for nurturing talent in our space.  I’ve worked with some of those senior and well respected developers in other companies and they typically grew their career in Box UK.

Here at Box UK, the team have helped me grow my understanding of WordPress and PHP development significantly. I’ve also been encouraged to give talks, contribute work to open source projects, join in on discussions around user experience and how to improve our approach to WordPress projects. At other companies I’ve worked at, opportunities have been closed off to more senior staff and discussions have been kept within functions. I enjoy being encouraged to do things I perhaps feel I’m not quite capable of (when my team recognise I am) and learn from the experiences.

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