Being so early on in my career, a new position was quite a daunting prospect for me, having only worked at a handful of companies since leaving university. I wanted the next step in my career to be one that stretched my current capabilities with a company that embodied a culture of encouragement and success while continually investing in my own development. It was also important for me to be a part of a team where I could develop my knowledge from others in the business who have tons of experience that I could learn from.

My first week at Box UK

Once my laptop and equipment had been set up, The Head of People Services gave me an overview of the company, its values, the benefits and the culture surrounding Box UK and really emphasised that the people who work here are at the core of the business, which was delightful to hear! 

I was presented with an in depth induction plan which quickly answered a lot of the initial questions I had about my first week, what I would be involved in and who I would be working with. The induction plan included a detailed overview of my week and was filled with meetings with teams and people across the business in order for me to get a good idea of different departments and how they work, while also getting a chance to meet everyone at the same time. This was the first time I had received such an in-depth and well structured induction programme and welcoming to the business, which you could tell has taken time and careful consideration for new starters.

Everyone was welcoming and took the time to explain their role in the business which really helped me to understand how different teams collaborated and interacted with one another in order to complete projects for clients. Across this time I met people from all levels of the business and found that regardless of role or seniority, everyone was generous with their time and really made me feel welcome from the very beginning. 

Another important aspect of the onboarding process for me was the regular company meetings, where all the company gathered on particular days to discuss things happening throughout the business, giving an overview from all department perspectives. I found this to be a really motivating and enjoyable experience, as it gives you a chance throughout the week to interact with the entire team, something that is particularly important in a remote role. 

One thing I noticed was that everyone at Box UK had this infectious enthusiasm for the work they do which was simply a breath of fresh air and inspiring. I even got a ‘Shadow Boxer’ who stood as a mentor to whom I could ask questions and gain advice from if I needed it.

"A big part of working at any business for me is the culture surrounding its employees and the values it holds. Box UK has gone above and beyond to demonstrate that throughout my onboarding process. It is nice to find that everyone who works here also confirms that this is a great place to work and that the culture is reflected across the entire business even years down the line."


Digital Marketing, Box UK

Why I wanted to work for Box UK

Aside from the culture and environment in which I would be working, I also wanted to work at a company that would surround me with highly knowledgeable and experienced people who I could learn from and gain valuable experience for myself. A big part of my desire to work at Box UK was also the personal development opportunities which were available to everyone, as this clearly demonstrated and reinforced the emphasis on people which was a big thing for me.


My thoughts after my first few weeks

So as I find myself still in the early days but feeling as though I have been here for years. I can confidently say that my induction to Box UK has been an absolute pleasure. I have been welcomed by everyone and made to feel part of the team from the very start, which really helped my confidence in feeling like I was able to contribute to discussions and decisions at such an early stage. Box UK have been everything they have pledged to be and have committed themselves in every way to make my onboarding experience as enjoyable and insightful as possible. I am really excited to see how my career can develop at Box UK.