Things we've been reading

Professor Frisby's Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming

A nice book about the basics of functional programming.

Everything Is Broken

Software security is broken, no one wants to admit it and the only way it's going to get fixed is if non-techies start giving a damn. (Warning: contains lots of swearing).

A peek inside North Korea’s intranet

A short but fascinating insight into North Korea's internet-like system.

Acceptance & Integration Testing With Behat 

Nice slides on acceptance and integration testing with Behat.

Survive The Deep End: PHP Security

A comprehensive look at security within PHP and how you can ensure you are using best practices. 

Mongodb is vulnerable to SQL injection in PHP at least

Short article on how you can get SQL injection using MongoDB with PHP and how you can secure yourself against it.

Call me maybe: MongoDB stale reads

Aphyr with another post on the failings of MongoDB.

If You Liked This, You’re Sure to Love That

An oldie, but a goodie. Fascinating insight into movie recommendation algorithms and the "Napoleon Dynamite" problem.

SQL Style Guide

A nice overview of some sensible SQL style conventions.

Angular JS in Patterns

Some amazing articles here on how to use design patterns in Angular, starts off with the basics on Part 1 and more advanced in Parts 2 and 3. Articles are a year old but still relevant.

Styling SVG <use> Content with CSS

An in-depth article on how to style the contents of the SVG <use> element and overcome some challenges it brings.

Tools that have interested us

Open Code of Conduct

The Open Source Code of Conduct seems to be gaining some traction, with a number of big companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Github already signed up.


Nice-looking Javascript rendering engine used to create futuristic UIs by using things like the DOM, WebGL & 3D physics.

Videos we've been watching

Introduction to Machine Learning

A complete course on the basics of Machine Learning.

Sitecore + SVG + Snap.svg

SVG and Sitecore, i.e. CMS driven SVGs

About the author

Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins is a Principal Developer at Box UK. Ian works mostly with PHP, but loves trying out new things. When not sat in front of a computer, he likes to read, watch films and follow sport. Ian thinks he is the only blog contributor who does not play the guitar.

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