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UK police arrest man via automatic face-recognition tech

Remember that face recognition technology they were deploying for the Champions League final in Cardiff? Well they caught someone because of it.

SQL Style Guide

A tidy SQL indentation/style guide.

StampyCodelinux tips: screenMeLinksRecent Posts

Good blog post about usage of Linux screen.

Tools that interest us

Graphical interface for Composer (PHP). Now in beta!

If you work in PHP, you can now download a third-party GUI for Composer.

Puli: Universal Packages for PHP

Unified tool for package integration for PHP.

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Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins

Ian Jenkins is a Principal Developer at Box UK. Ian works mostly with PHP, but loves trying out new things. When not sat in front of a computer, he likes to read, watch films and follow sport. Ian thinks he is the only blog contributor who does not play the guitar.

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