Expertly-crafted visual designs – from a vastly-experienced digital design agency.

Attractive visual design concepts help grab – and hold – people’s attention, encouraging them to explore further and complete key journeys and tasks.

But simply brilliant digital designs shouldn’t stop there – they should also communicate important information quickly and clearly, while reinforcing your core brand messages at every turn.

Examples of development of designs from sketches to wireframes

With a portfolio that includes design and visual concepts for prestigious financial institutions and industry-leading membership organisations, whether you have existing brand guidelines or are after a completely new look our digital design services will make sure the experience is usable, consistent and enjoyable, as well as working seamlessly across all your online channels to support your ongoing digital transformation and evolution.

Deliverables include

Box UK’s visual design service offering

User Interface (UI) design

Having delivered digital design services for desktop, mobile, tablet, TVs (even remote kiosks and banking ATMs), we’ll craft every element of your user interface for maximum clarity and impact – whatever the requirements, motivations or constraints of your chosen device.

Screenshots of the RCN website on desktop and laptop screens

Responsive website visual design

With so many different devices on the market, a one-size-fits-all website doesn’t cut it any longer. Choose a responsive solution, however, and you’ll ensure your visitors get a great experience no matter what size screen they’re viewing your site on.

RS DesignSpark Rewards screenshot on iPad

Visual design concepts for mobile apps

Not getting the levels of interaction and satisfaction you were hoping for from your native apps? We can create native iOS and Android apps that follow the best practice and UI patterns of each platform, while ensuring the design continues to enhance both functionality and brand.

HTML email design

Boasting a greater return on investment than other (often more costly) channels, email marketing continues to deliver results. We’ll help optimise your email designs to drive even more people to your website, no matter what email client or device they’re using.

Visual Design Services in action


Overhauling the Royal College of Nursing’s website as part of a wider programme of digital transformation, our visual design service dramatically improved the member experience in a number of ways.

Users now benefit from a more modern interface, which follows best practice to increase the findability of content while also presenting a consistent and coherent brand experience that clearly communicates and reinforces the membership institution’s mission and values.


When it comes to managing crucial payments, speed is of the essence. So, when Georgian payment provider TBC Pay decided to overhaul their digital platform, they wanted to work with a visual design agency that would make the end-user experience had to be as intuitive as possible.

Our designers therefore crafted eye-catching visuals to underpin a new streamlined information architecture and clear, usable user interface designs – clearly signposting priority journeys as well as next steps, to ensure TBC Pay’s customers can achieve key tasks with ease.

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