Usability Testing

Allowing us to observe how your users interact with your site or app is one of the most powerful ways to improve your digital offering.

Why invest in usability testing?

Conducting usability testing to gather feedback and ideas on your existing website or app gives a powerful insight into what is and isn’t working for actual users. Usability testing is incredibly effective as:

  • Common tasks are tested with actual users
  • The majority of usability issues (industry figures indicate about 80%) can be discovered with fewer than 10 users
  • Solutions to issues often become apparent during the usability testing process
  • Questions can be tailored to gather user feedback around topics that you might not normally get to ask

What's involved in usability testing?

Usability testing simply involves recruiting users that match your typical user groups, and getting them to complete a number of tasks on your site or app.

Where possible, we like to run moderated usability testing where we sit with a user and observe them using your site. This allows us to gather valuable information about which areas of your site or app are prone to usability issues, and which areas are working well.

Usability Testing

If sitting with users isn’t possible, we can also run remote usability testing using screen-sharing software.

Either way, we favour a less rigid approach to testing than the traditional ‘usability lab’ environment. Our expert User Experience consultants have run many, many usability tests and have found that the more naturalistic the setting, the more realistic and revealing the results.

What are the outputs of usability testing?

Any issues found will be documented in an accessible report that will also include suggested changes to your digital products. Our findings will be pragmatic, recommendation-driven, and focus on both the positive and negative results from the usability testing.

Other ways we can help

In addition to a wide range of usability testing activities, at Box UK we specialise inĀ UX design; crafting intuitive, exciting and engaging interfaces that encourage repeat visits and increased interaction.