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It's instinctive. It's profitable. 

Website and user thinking as one.

It’s a wonderful sight isn’t it? Thousands of starlings moving together – thinking as one. It’s instinctive, natural and effortless. In fact it’s just what the user experience should be.

Ironically though, making it this intuitive is actually very, very difficult. It requires a great deal of skill, knowledge and market insight. 

But then, that’s why global clients like Investec Asset Management, RS Components and TBC Bank entrust Box UK with the job.


Putting the user in user experience.

Over the years we have developed a formidable team, with expertise across the full range of User Experience and Design (UX&D) disciplines. We apply the science of User Centred Design (or UCD) to our clients’ digital brands, dissecting every aspect of their user experience. 

We question. We test. We trial. And we keep doing it until we’re 100% satisfied that we’ve got it right. Put simply, our UX consultants think harder, so users don’t have to.

Easy money.

Of course, there’s an enormous financial incentive to creating a great user experience. The better it is, the more popular you and your digital products become. Just ask TBC Bank, who more than doubled their number of active mobile banking users with an exceptional multi-channel experience designed by us. Or AWC, who overnight increased their sales by 13% and order values by 46% as a result of implementing our ‘quick win’ recommendations.
So if you want to impact satisfaction levels and performance, you know what to do… make the user experience simply brilliant, by making it brilliantly simple.

A few of our awards

Communicator Awards Mobile and Apps Distinction

Award of Distinction, Mobile & Apps - Finance

Enabling customers to complete common banking tasks while on the move, TBC Bank's iPad app plays a critical role in their multi-channel strategy.

Shortlisted, Omnichannel FS Provider of the Year

TBC Bank wanted to deliver the best multi-channel banking experience in the region and our user experience consultants helped them do it.

Official Honoree, Mobile Services

Noticing a gap in the market, Box UK sought to create a tool that streamlined the process of creating high-quality user interface designs. 

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Taking the time to understand your users and the subtle psychological triggers that affect their behaviour can help deliver really competitive and engaging experiences

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