The digitisation of public services is imperative if government organisations are to build trust amongst residents and communities.

Citizens demand digital public services that provide 24/7 availability and offer the consumer experience they have become used to in their daily lives. They expect experiences from connecting with services that are frictionless- where inter-related services are connected to reduce often repetitive, time consuming tasks, and they expect services that are designed for and around them as users.


Public Sector Clients

Our Public Sector Services
  • Strategic Planning

    Defining and shaping the digital experience for residents is complex; it often requires connecting disparate systems and tools and engaging numerous stakeholders from across multiple services. Our expert consultants bring their years of experience in working across public sector organisations to reimagine service journeys. Our teams immerse themselves in the detail, collaborating across your organisation to really understand exactly what will deliver public value.
  • Service Design

    Fully digitising public services should be viewed as a long term plan. Recognising that whole system change can be costly and prohibitive our teams focus on the areas that matter, those that will deliver outcomes in the most efficient and cost effective way. We adopt a truly agile approach to developing end-to-end digital experiences and work in ‘design sprints’ so you can realise fast and effective results within a well-managed cost programme.
  • User Experience

    To create seamless user experiences, we put the needs of the user at the heart, applying a keen focus to usability an user journeys to each and every one of the solutions we design. Our consultants are experts in data-driven research, user-centred design, and user testing, they have extensive experience in designing public services that meet the needs of users, and apply their expertise to ensure the digital journey delivers the optimum experience.
  • Accessibility

    We design with accessibility in mind ensuring everyone has equal access to the information and services provided from digital public services. Our designers and developers have significant experience in meeting the latest accessibility regulations and incorporating WCAG 2.0 AA criteria to ensure accessibility and promote inclusion.
Driving change at pace to build trust

Digital Public Services

Digital technologies are already helping public service providers improve service delivery and system management, reducing the number of calls to helpdesks and the need for manual form checking, as well as other back-end administrative functions. Further cost and resource efficiencies are also being realised across the workforce with staff being freed up to focus on other vital areas of citizen support and funds now available being ploughed back into reskilling staff in digital technologies.

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