Respond to changing learner demands and emerging technology opportunities with our educational software solutions.

Right across the education sector, organisations are grappling with the seismic changes being brought about by advances in digital technologies. Faced with an increasingly digitally-savvy audience, it’s crucial that these organisations make important information and services available when and where they’re needed – without compromising their reputation for providing high-quality courses and learning resources.

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At Box UK we’ve helped numerous education providers achieve this crucial balance, working with organisations such as Cardiff University, Kallidus and Middlesex University to increase their operational agility and user focus for the benefit of learners, parents and administrators alike.

Why Box UK?

With more than twenty five years’ bespoke software development experience across the education sector and beyond, Box UK’s team applies industry and digital best practice to deliver websites and software platforms that drive engagement, increase applications and sign-ups, and deliver significant administrative efficiencies.

Skilled in a wide range of languages, technologies and frameworks, we use only the best and most appropriate tools for your specific requirements – whether it’s a high-performance and high-impact educational website powered by the popular WordPress CMS, or a bespoke online Learning Management Solution (LMS), training portal, or other e-learning platform. As integration specialists, we also ensure your platform includes the specific functionality you need to operate effectively, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, subscription and payment mechanisms, email marketing services, and tools to provide detailed analytical insight to support your long-term strategy.

Our multidisciplinary team provides expert services to support you at every stage of your software development project, with business analysts and technical consultants shaping your underlying ecosystem and supporting business processes, User Experience and Design (UX&D) consultants producing clear Information Architecture and navigation alongside engaging page designs, and ISEB-qualified software testers safeguarding the quality of all deliverables.

And as a ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited company with Cyber Essentials certification, you can be confident that your education software solution meets the highest technical standards of performance, security and reliability, delivering you long-term return on investment.

Box UK’s e-learning services

Our flexible, consultative approach to educational software development means that whatever your digital vision, we can help bring it to life. Our services include:

Award-winning website and mobile development

Schools, Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) institutions, training providers and more can improve their ability to recruit students at home and abroad, serve current learners and provide crucial information with a web platform that perfectly balances disparate audience needs. A mobile-first approach to design and development ensures sites work seamlessly across devices, while convenience and responsiveness can be further increased with a dedicated native application, or hybrid solution that works across a variety of operating systems.

Bespoke e-learning platforms

Deliver online courses and a range of additional resources with a bespoke platform that allows learners to access your offering from wherever they are in the world. Sophisticated permissions and workflows enable learners to work through courses in their own time, tracking progress and gaining accreditations, while functionality such as polls, quizzes and multimedia content further increases engagement. Our tailored e-learning platforms include Learning Management Systems (LMS), Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation, and a diverse range of additional educational solutions.

Digital transformation strategy

Keep up with emerging industry trends, demands and behaviours with digital transformation strategy services that deliver you a clear development roadmap that drive the modernisation and ongoing evolution of your digital offering. We’ll assess your current situation and future vision, and put a plan in place to help you get there – taking an iterative, agile approach based on real-world insight and feedback.

Agile consultancy and coaching

Improve your ability to respond to and manage change with tailored Agile consultancy and coaching services. From long-term programmes of work to standalone coaching activities and training courses, we’ll equip your team with the knowledge and skills to work more flexibility, increase visibility, and maximise the value being delivered back into your business.

Review and refine

If you already have a digital platform in place that you feel is underperforming, let us take a look to identify actions for improvement. Our code review service will provide an independent assessment of the technical performance of your systems, while a professional UX audit will reveal how well your software adheres to key usability and accessibility principles. We also conduct Peers, Innovators and Competitors reviews to highlight opportunities to improve your standing in the marketplace, and a range of usability testing services to ensure you’re responding to the needs, motivations and constraints of your users.

Case studies

Middlesex University

To gain the rich qualitative insight Middlesex University required to assess the effectiveness of their online platform, we embarked on an extensive programme of website user testing.

Conducting testing with four representative user groups across three different devices and multiple user journeys, we provided the educational institution with the insight needed to move its digital strategy forward, along with expert recommendations for further improvement and refinement.


When BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT wanted to extend and enhance their IT skills framework SFIAplus, it was vital to ensure any improvements were made in the right way.

Following a sustainability exercise that explored a variety of development options, we defined a strategic roadmap to introduce a wealth of new functionality, helping BCS make the most of their assets so they can remain the de facto skills tool for IT professionals across the globe for many years to come.

Cardiff University

For Cardiff University’s Innovation and Business Engagement team, Agile presented the opportunity to work in a more flexible way, and they approached Box UK for support in embedding the skills needed to support them in this aim.

With Box UK’s support the team have overhauled their working structure and moved away from the siloed nature of previous approaches, while also continuously improving how they work in response to changing priorities and requirements.

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