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Usability Lab Hire

Why hire a usability lab?

Usability testing your website or product gives you crucial insight into what users really think, providing confidence in decision-making and satisfying all stakeholders that budgets are being appropriately spent. Not only will you better understand common patterns of behaviour but you'll also be able to start making improvements immediately: 

  • Optimising user journeys
  • Increasing conversions
  • Improving cross-device performance
  • Achieving crucial competitive advantage

What's covered

Box UK's usability testing suite is entirely self-contained so the spacious testing lab, comfortable and relaxed waiting and observation areas, and dedicated kitchen and toilet facilities are all yours for the duration of your booking. We provide receptionist staff and an on-call IT team, and our own testing consultants are available to you too as you require. Our lab packages include:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High definition audio and visual feeds
  • Sketching boards to capture ideas
  • All tests recorded to take away

Box UK usability lab facilities

Email us at to request a product sheet, and take the next step in your journey towards delivering an exceptional user experience.

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Information. Insight. Impact.


“Both the service and project execution were fantastic - we were consulted at every stage in a timely fashion, and couldn’t have felt more welcome. It’s been a fantastic experience.”

- Maria Luisa Ross, Head of Programmes and Insight, Middlesex University

Some of our clients

  • Environment Agency
  • Healthspan: Nutrition for a healthy lifespan
  • webcredible
  • systemconcepts
  • Staysure
  • Sky
  • Genting Alderney

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