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My Understanding of BDD

By Luke Quinnell

Principal Developer Luke Quinnell provides an introduction to Behaviour Driven Development, and how it can help in software development projects.

Sitecore: the platform for you?

By Box UK

"Marketers are looking to implement an enterprise-scale platform that will deliver greater customer insight."

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Digital Transformation in Membership

By Box UK

Want to stay relevant in the digital age? Download our white paper for advice on staying ahead of the curve.

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Remote debugging

By Steffan Harries

Given that responsive design plays a huge part in modern web development it’s more important than ever to thoroughly test on real-world mobile devices.

Shortening build queues on Travis

By Ian Jenkins

For about a year or so we've been using Travis for Continuous Integration.

Sitecore media mysteries

By Charlie Afford

I recently came across a very interesting problem while trying to work out why a content editor could not upload media in to Sitecore.

Glass Mapper and Sitecore 7

By Charlie Afford

Manually mapping your code to your data store is an all-too-common strategy; however, proceed with caution.

Fundraising at Box UK

By Sophie Hayden

Sophie Hayden talks about Box UK's year of fundraising for a great local charity, and how this has built stronger relationships across the company.

Opportunities for The Content Age

By Box UK

Struggling to be heard above the noise? Amplify your messages by taking advantage of the trends and technologies highlighted in our white paper.

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Harnessing the power of Sitecore

By Jon Morgan

Gartner's Magic Quadrant has highlighted leader Sitecore’s complexity. What can be done to manage this complexity so you get the solution you need?

Digital: invest for success

By Emma Willis

With marketing's focus shifting to digital, many teams are re-evaluating their technology investments. We look at the specifics of their spending.

Focus on digital transformation

By Emma Willis

As marketing departments continue to adjust to changing online behaviours, we look at the impact of technology now and in the future.

Software: off-the-peg v tailor-made

By Mark Jacks

Weighing up the enterprise software choices available? In this post we look at how commercial off-the-shelf software compares to a bespoke offering.

Usability testing: a comparison

By Gavin Harris

User testing is proven to deliver significant ROI, but which approach is right for you? Gavin Harris compares usability testing methods.

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