Whether you’re a student, graduate, work in a small team or simply have a passion for learning, Box UK’s five-hour Masterclass sessions can help you increase your knowledge and skills.

Box UK Masterclass

Box UK’s Masterclass events are designed to allow aspiring developers, user experience designers, project managers and more to explore the challenges of working in a commercial software development environment. Funded by Box UK and run by key members of our team, each five-hour session provides attendees with the opportunity to learn new skills, discover the benefits of close collaboration with others, and network with specialists in their field of interest. And all of this is completely free!

Development sessions

Dedicated development sessions give up-and-coming coders the chance to step into Box UK’s environment and see how we operate, including insight into the tools, techniques and practices in use every day at our award-winning software development house. Using our Agile process, you’ll experience all stages of the development process through a microcosm of a real-life sprint.

User Experience sessions

Geared around the next generation of digital experience designers: Box UK’s User Experience (UX) masterclass will give you the chance to learn about the User Centered Design tools, techniques and practices we use every day to create intuitive, engaging and award-winning software.

Project Management sessions

Aimed at up-and-coming project managers, these sessions will focus on Agile web development and cover the entire software project lifecycle using Box UK’s very own Hive methodology. Focus on handling difficult situations and also key Agile practices such as the daily stand up and sprint planning will form a key part of the session.


If you have any questions about the format of Box UK Masterclasses, you may find they’ve already been answered below.

Who are the Masterclasses open to?

Anyone interested in learning new things – there’s no restriction on age, background, employment status etc.

Do I need any particular qualifications?

No – all that’s required is a passion and enthusiasm for the subject.

What time do the Masterclasses take place?

The sessions usually begin at 10am and finish at 3pm, to allow for four hours of tutoring and an hour of breaks. Event-specific details are sent to all attendees in advance of their Masterclass.

Do I need to bring anything?

All equipment needed for the day, including laptops and chargers, will be provided by Box UK, along with lunch. If we require you to bring something specific, we will let you know in advance of your session.

Is there a dress code?

Nope! Casual dress is absolutely fine – just wear what you feel comfortable in.

How limited are session places?

We plan to organise the attendees according to experience and interest, so that we can devise suitable and relevant topics. This does mean that if we can’t immediately match an applicant with others similar to them, we will likely have to wait to schedule them with such a group. We do hope to be able to place every applicant in a group however, even if additional sessions are required.

Stay up-to-date

There are no new Masterclass sessions planned currently but to keep up-to-date with future announcements follow @boxuk on Twitter using the hashtag #boxukmasterclass. Alternatively, to register your interest for future sessions, drop us an email at