Web Development

Tailored web development services increase your digital capabilities, improve engagement with online users and optimise performance.

Why invest in web development?

With the web an integral aspect of most people’s everyday lives, the opportunity to engage, excite and assist your users through online channels is greater than ever. However, the digital landscape is a complex and rapidly changing environment, with the constant emergence of new devices, technologies and platforms. Align your strategy across these disparate areas by investing in powerful software that delivers added value throughout the entire customer lifecycle, helping:

  • Delight your users with personalised services
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Provide a seamless experience across all touchpoints
  • Maximise efficiency through automation
  • Drive interactions and conversions

Working closely with your stakeholders, our team of web developers, analysts, consultants and testers identify the best solution for your unique requirements and goals. Whether you need a custom website, application or framework, want to extend your existing software to deliver greater returns, or are looking to improve performance to cope with increasing demand and complexity, we have a long and illustrious history of delivering award-winning projects for clients across the globe.

Web Development

Agile web developers

Building a piece of custom software can dramatically improve your ability to offer real user benefits through online products and services. To gain an understanding of your business and its unique requirements, processes and industry context, we begin each web development project with a detailed consultancy phase, and from the insights gathered are able to define the exact scope and specification of the project, enabling web development to kick off without delays and reducing the risk of expensive rework.

Our team of web developers uses the best technology available to create your software, ensuring that it fulfils all your requirements while complementing your existing systems and tools. This tailored approach means that business and user needs remain at the heart of every project; producing unique solutions including:

Developing existing functionality

Maximise the power of existing software by customising features, integrating with popular sites or adding new capabilities. Box UK can leverage the APIs of online services to create bespoke plugins, providing your web development project with social networking integration, real-time data feeds, reporting tools, and more. If you require a unique addition, our web developers are highly experienced in extending sites and applications by creating and incorporating advanced modules such as e-commerce portals, media players, administrative interfaces and exclusive login areas.

Web Developers

Improving performance

Optimise your online services by fine-tuning the performance of your software for increased stability, scalability and speed. A dedicated web development team will assess your current setup to identify areas for improvement, providing best practice advice and guidance to implement changes that will have a measurable impact on your ability to deliver results. For increased effectiveness, combine with complementary services including standalone usability reviewssoftware design consultancy and best practice training.

Agile Web Development

The right choice

  • A track record of working with clients to deliver award-winning solutions
  • Multi-skilled, pragmatic architects and custom software developers that follow best practice principles
  • An expert delivery team including Scrum-certified Project Managers
  • Dedicated project team from account director through to developers and testers
  • A rigorous Quality Assurance process that ensures the delivery of high-performance web products and services
  • Read our case studies to see how our web development services have helped clients achieve their goals