In our previous article, we looked at the digital trends that have accelerated significantly in the past 12 months, and how these will impact business strategies in the months and years to come. In this piece we take a deeper dive into some of the technology advancements and events we’ve seen in 2021 that will no doubt have a similar impact as we progress through 2022 – a must-read for any organisation looking to get ahead of the trends and ensure their digital platforms are equipped to handle new demands and requirements in a rapidly-evolving landscape.

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Focusing on the foundations

As we explored in the previous post, the rapid rate of change has accelerated the digital agenda for the majority of organisations, who are now assessing how well their platforms, systems and processes are set up to deliver a modern experience for audiences. For many, legacy technology is proving a significant barrier to achieving this, leaving organisations struggling to play catch-up with more flexible and responsive digital leaders.

We’ve seen notable interest this year in related advice we’ve published aimed at supporting organisations in bringing their platforms up to standard – whether that’s by optimising what’s already in place, or investing in new digital initiatives that we’re sure to see ramp up in the coming months:

Is your content management system fit for purpose?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a fundamental element of the modern marketing technology ecosystem, and like any business-critical system, it’s vital that you regularly review its continued suitability to support the success of your overall marketing setup.

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Bespoke software vs off-the-shelf

When selecting the software that will underpin critical business processes and deliver your content, products and services to your users, you have an important decision to make that will be informed by your specific needs and contexts of use.

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Software development code review checklist

This post covers the key elements of an effective code review process, to provide you with a checklist you can refer back to when assessing your applications and services.

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The continued rise of WordPress

We’ve spoken in great detail about the growing popularity of WordPress in the enterprise space in our recently-published ebook, ‘Why WordPress Makes More Sense for the Enterprise’. Co-authored with our partner, enterprise WordPress hosting platform WP Engine, the report cites research from WP Engine revealing that WordPress is present in two-thirds of enterprise technology stacks, and is the driving force behind 35% of the world’s top 10,000 websites.

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Our own experience with clients this year has also shown how organisations across all industries can benefit from the flexible and customisable nature of WordPress:

  • Improving the speed and performance of Dexerto’s high-traffic website: learn more
  • Helping full-fibre broadband company Ogi rapidly bring their offering to market: learn more
  • Providing the Pharmaceutical Journal with a user-friendly platform from which to deliver a wealth of specialist content: learn more

With a growing interest in all things WordPress – as reflected in some of our most popular posts of the year – it’s clear that this open source Content Management System (CMS) will continue to bolster its position as a solution of choice for the enterprise in 2022 and we’re hugely excited about the growing range of potential applications of this technology:

How we develop WordPress sites

This year we open-sourced our WordPress project setup, shared in this blog post along with further detail about how we develop WordPress sites.

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Tips for configuring WordPress for multiple environments

One of the big strengths of WordPress is its flexibility. Administrators are often given a wealth of configuration options they can use to bend WordPress to their needs – but how do you manage all of these configuration considerations across multiple WordPress environments?

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Topical trends

The interest we’ve seen in some of our most topical articles indicates how keen people are to stay abreast of digital events and advances, and keep pace with this fast-moving landscape.

Key events that got people people talking in 2021 included Google’s Core Web Vitals update, and the focus on ensuring that digital platforms deliver the highest levels of performance is something we’re sure to see continue, as a key element of the customer experience:

Lifting the lid on Google’s Core Web Vitals

A recap of our discussion to explore Google’s algorithm update prioritising performance-based page experience signals, and how organisations can maintain organic rankings, visibility and traffic in the face of these changes.

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Another major milestone was Microsoft ending support for the Internet Explorer browser, which took place in August. This end-of-life announcement highlighted the need for businesses to stay ahead of industry trends, and put robust development roadmaps in place to accommodate similar updates, and other technological changes.

The Internet Explorer news also underlines the essential need to maintain a laser focus on your users, as by understanding how they interact with you – including through which channels, devices and browsers – you’ll be better placed to understand the impact these changes will have, and respond accordingly.

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Flexibility is another key watchword when it comes to navigating a rapidly-changing landscape – as we’ve seen, you can never know exactly what’s around the corner, and must be prepared for any eventuality!

Internet Explorer: end of life 2021

With Microsoft now joining the majority of other tech giants in removing support for Internet Explorer, the writing is on the wall for the browser. If you are still using it, then now is a good time to finally take the plunge and upgrade.

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Looking ahead

We might all be ready for a bit of a breather as we come to the end of 2021, but we’ll soon be back to the breakneck pace of change we’ve become used to, and organisations will need to be ready for new emerging trends, innovations and announcements. Continuous evolution and optimisation is required to maintain success in this environment, which requires the right technical foundations, and a strategic approach to digital. So, do you have what it takes? As always, you can continue the conversation via LinkedIn and Twitter, or get in touch with a member of our team if there’s anything you’d like to discuss directly.