Exceptional Agile web and software development, from a team skilled in delivering irresistible online experiences.

At Box UK, our team of talented web and software developers has helped clients across all industries transform the way they use digital – producing creative, high-quality websites and applications that connect organisations to customers, drive operational efficiencies and grow businesses in an ever-changing, increasingly competitive online marketplace.

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Our agile web development process is based on leading coding standards, best practices, peer review, automated testing and deployments, and geared to give you end-to-end visibility and total trust in what we do. Moreover, our team of experienced ISEB-qualified test professionals ensure that the quality of all development output meets the required standards.

Joining up the various touchpoints across your digital ecosystem, we’ll provide you with intelligent functionality that serves the needs of both your business and your users. And, since your digital plans won’t stay still, we’ll make sure your digital platform doesn’t either, applying our agile approach to design web and software solutions that can be scaled, extended, and integrated with your internal systems, or the very best third-party software.

How we work…

End-to-end delivery teams

Across all our web and software development projects, we’ll build a team that contains the full range of appropriate skills needed to deliver against your requirements, from account and project managers through to solution architects, user experience consultants, designers, quality assurance testers and, of course, experienced developers.

Thanks to our agile nature, we’re also able to rapidly scale teams should you require, and are experienced in managing extensive portfolios of projects for our clients. Our scaling approach enables us to leverage our internal talent pool to supplement existing skills and project leadership, ensuring that key points of contact and crucial domain knowledge are maintained as your portfolio grows.

Where needed, we’ll also draw on established partnerships with leading industry peers, to build the teams required for discrete projects that may require highly specific expertise or sector experience.

"It was not a surprise to see the quality of the product also reflected in the source code. It was programmed with professionalism and with security in mind."


Hexagonal architecture

Our large-scale, enterprise platforms are typically built using Hexagonal Architecture principles, breaking the application down into two key layers, the domain layer and the application layer.

Supporting service independence, while enabling two-way communication through custom-built APIs, this innovative approach to web design provides a flexible and scalable solution that is fast to develop, easy to maintain, and reduces long-term costs.

Quality development

As an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-accredited organisation, quality forms a key pillar of all of our web and software development projects, with at least 98% of bugs caught pre-release.

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Each project will be assigned an embedded QA analyst to lead quality and testing activities, helping increase shared understanding, and reducing the chance of rework being required. Furthermore, a test-driven development approach ensures the design and delivery of robust applications, and automated testing is used to target areas of particular interest and/or historical fragility.

The best web and software technologies

A rigorous selection process ensures we use only the best and most appropriate technology to help you achieve your goals – drawing on a variety of modern, well-supported technologies alongside proven libraries and tools to aid development efficiency and speed.

And, with a tech stack that’s continually reviewed, evaluated and updated, you can be confident that your software is future-proofed – able to scale, extend and integrate to support long-term growth and profitability.

Web & Software Development in Action


Quality-of-life service provider Sodexo asked Box UK to take on management of their Employee Benefits product, following a code review which revealed that, in its existing state, the platform would not be able to deliver the levels of stability and security needed to effectively serve their customers. 

Having first stabilised the platform, Box UK’s development team worked on building new features that will ultimately help Sodexo realise their aim of ‘leapfrogging’ the competition – taking an Agile approach to rapidly and regularly deliver value.


Running seven country sites in six languages from a single installation, OKdo.com is a feature-rich, widely-integrated technology ecosystem that serves as a flagship example of enterprise WordPress and WooCommerce.

As OKdo’s IT partner, we delivered this project in just eight months, bringing to life a global ecommerce platform that would underpin the launch of their new business into two of the fastest-growing markets in the technology space.

RCN: Development of a user driven digital platform

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